Best Cities For Bros In The United States According To (PHOTOS)


You may not know the subculture's name, but you've definitely seen them. Found mostly in rich college towns, bros run in packs, wear their sunglasses at night, are spiked with testosterone (or alcohol, or marijuana or Four Loko) and live and die by one simple rule: Bros before... a not-very-nice word for women.

Real estate site engaged in an oh-so-unscientific (one might say bro-like) survey of the bro-iest cities in America, taking into account large college populations, party reps and famous local bro alumni (like Jeremy Piven of Chicago or Daniel Tosh of Orlando). And, because the bro identity is rooted in cultural traditions like fraternities or water and winter sports, also took into consideration the cities' ratio of young white males.

But at HuffPost, we like to think that bros, like hipsters, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Simply put, it's more helpful to think of bro-hood as a lifestyle. Bros are just dudes who want to either chillax or play with their buddies all day. And they're always down to party.

If you're looking for the best place to cultivate a bromance or two this summer, check out's list of the 18 best cities in the United States for bros in the slideshow below.

Captions are bullet points summarized from Estately's list of the 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros.

The Best 18 Cities For Bros In The United States