The 10 Best Cities To Live In If You're 35 And Under

The 10 Best Cities To Live In If You're 35 And Under

There are lots of ways to determine the best cities for millennials -- our 35-and-under generation is one of aspiring young professionals, exuberant happiness seekers and even confused first-time homeowners. While many lists zoom in on one of these aspects, we've yet to see one that blends them all together with such... millennial-esque creativity.

To determine the best U.S. cities for people 35 and under, the analysts at news site Vocativ started with the 100 most populous cities in the U.S. Then, they rated each one on their own personal measures of food, jobs, nightlife and more. A city's "entertainment" score, for example, was determined by the price of an average movie ticket, the number of local music festivals, and the number of pro sports teams in the area. Others included:

  • "Night out:" the average cost of beer, wings and (gasp!) weed

  • "Housing:" monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment, the cost of Internet and price of cleaning services
  • "Getting around:" percentage of population using public transit, the average price of gas, cost of a five-mile cab ride
  • "Jobs:" the median salary, unemployment and job growth rates
  • "Food:" the cost of groceries and number of coffee shops and take-out restaurants per 100,000 people
  • "Appeal:" number of sunny days per year, walkability, amount of violent crime
  • "Demographics:" the median age, ethnic diversity, amount of singles, percentage of LGBT individuals
  • The results are a vibrant lineup of 35 ultra-livable cities from which pretty much any millennial would find a great home. Here are the top 10:

    1. New York, New York
    Ranked high in ease of "Getting Around"

    2. Arlington, Texas
    Ranked high in "Food"

    3. San Francisco, California
    Ranked high in "Food," "Jobs"

    4. Denver, Colorado
    Ranked high in "Food," "Entertainment"

    5. Austin, Texas
    Ranked high in "Jobs," "Night Out"

    6. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Ranked high in "Jobs"

    7. Seattle, Washington
    Ranked high in "Food," "Jobs"

    8. St. Paul, Minnesota
    Ranked high in "Housing"

    9. Madison, Wisconsin
    Ranked high in "Jobs," "Housing"

    10. Portland, Oregon
    Ranked high in "Food"

    Check out the rest of the 35 most livable cities for millennials at Vocativ.

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