Best Style Quotes: Madonna, Scarlett Johansson And More On Cleavage

Everyone has something to say about cleavage -- especially in Hollywood. From the place where the phrase "sex sells" was practically invented, the somewhat delicate topic is always the talk of the town.

In our latest roundup of style quotes, we're taking a look at what our favorite celebrities have to say about cleavage (their cleavage, others cleavage or just cleavage in general). You might not be surprised who has some strong views (leave it to Jerry Seinfeld to crack a joke), but you may be shocked to find out which stars are scared of what is underneath their blouses (ahem, Scarlett Johansson). Check out what Madonna, Natalie Portman and more had to say on the risqué topic of décolletage. Do you agree with these celebs?

The Best Things Ever Said About Cleavage

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