The Best Of College A Cappella (WATCH)

Pull out your dusty dinner jacket. Suddenly, a cappella is the hot new thing on campus.

The Washington Post points out that, thanks to series of factors -- including Ben Folds' interest in college a cappella groups, The Office's Andy Bernard's infatuation with his old Cornell troupe and, of course, Glee -- interest in harmonizing on campus is at a fever pitch. While some ensembles stick to singing the oldies, others have taken to arranging contemporary pop hits. The revamping of college a cappella has made the some groups' recruiting process more intense, the selection process more rigorous -- and, according to some, has made a cappella singers into campus celebrities.

In an effort to remain on top of this new aural trend, we've compiled some of our favorite a cappella renditions. Did we miss something you love? Let us know!

Best College Acapella