The Best Color For Energizing And Adding A Little Pep To A Space Is Red (PHOTOS)

The Best Color For Energizing A Space Is...

While gorgeous furniture and ample square footage can't hurt, what has the biggest impact on your home decor is COLOR. Whether you choose water-toned blues, earthy neutrals or eye-catching neons for your interiors, this will dramatically change the vibe and your mood. So, if you feel like your place could use a little more pep, read below for the best color for... energizing your space.

Red, the most dynamic color by nature, tends to be the most stimulating color. The reasoning behind it is it causes your body to pump out more adrenaline and speed up your heart rate. Purple and yellow can also have a similar effect.

So where are the best places to use this exhilarating color at home? We'd suggest areas like your entryway or hall so you're motivated to get out the door. Or even in spaces where you'd want to stimulate conversation, like a sitting area.

You probably don't want to use red in excess in rooms that you'd prefer to be restful, like your bedroom or bathroom. But there's no reason not to add some small pops of energetic hues. Try toning them down by pairing them with colors that are found opposite on the color wheel, like blue and green.

Click through these paint colors with some seriously weird names.

Dog's Ear

Funny Paint Color Names

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