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Color Code: The Right Hues For Your Skin Tone (PHOTOS)

I'll never forget the first time I heard the saying "It's not my color." I was around 10, and my Norwegian grandmother had received a tangerine-colored skirt suit from my mom as a gift. She said it was lovely, but that it just wasn't her shade. So off we trudged to Burdines to exchange it for the navy version. Why the orange outfit didn't work with her blond hair and fair skin was beyond me, but what did I know? I was just a kid.

I now understand that certain colors work better on some than on others, and that the right hue can really play up your skin tone. We know which silhouettes look best on our shapes, which cuts to avoid (I for one will stay far away from a peplum, thank you very much) so it makes sense that we have an understanding of which colors are the most flattering.

All skin tones are either "warm" or "cool." Cool skin has pink or blue undertones (think Emma Stone and January Jones), while warmer tones are yellow (like Eva Longoria). Not sure how to find out your coloring? Check out the classic book on the topic, or, pop into any makeup counter and the specialist will be happy to give you a color analysis based on your skin, hair and eye color. We'll take care of the rest: Here, seven tips on the best shades for your skin tone.

The Best Hues For Your Coloring

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