Best Commencement Speeches 2013: The Good Bits Of Advice To Remember

There's something about May, more than other months of the year, that makes people want to share advice and try to inspire each other. May also happens to be the occasion of most commencement speeches, in which speakers, both celebrity and plebeian, are called upon to motivate college graduates across the country. What kind of crazy coincidence is that!?

Sure, a lot of the advice is very similar, reminding people to recognize the milestone of their graduation and that they now have the opportunity to go out and change the world. Embrace uncertainty, they all seem to say, damn the torpedoes, to thine own self be true, and so on.

But if you dig a little bit, sometimes they actually offer up some great bits of wisdom.

After watching many more commencement speeches than the average person, HuffPost College has compiled the best lines to remember from the 2013 graduation season.

Check them out in the slideshow below:

The Best Commencement Quotes Of 2013

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