Best Compliments Ever: The Kindest Words You've Ever Received

Compliments are like a magic wand: we wave around a “nice work!” and spirits are lifted. We tell people, “you have a beautiful heart,” and souls are touched.

Last week, Oprah.com columnist Leigh Newman gave us an incredible list of 10 Insanely Nice Things You Can Say To Anybody. One fabulous compliment Newman's received (and, apparently, never forgot)? "The way you eat a sandwich is so elegant."

We loved the sentiment behind the article; just a few, effortless words of niceness can lift someone's spirits (and giving kind words can add a boost to your day, too). When you're thinking something nice, why not put it into words and send it out into the universe to share?

Newman's piece made us wonder, what's the nicest thing someone's ever said to us? And not just about our looks.

Sometimes we're bashful or excessively modest about something we know makes us shine, but being open about our personal greatnesses can inspire others to do the same. And so, of course, we asked you , Healthy Living readers, and you came through.

Below are some of the best compliments you've ever received. Scroll through, nod your head and remind yourself what people think is so wonderful about you. And -- it's not too late -- let us know in the comments section (or tweet at us @GPSforSoul or comment on our Facebook) the best compliment you've ever received, and we'll add you to our slideshow!

The Best Compliments Ever