The Best Computer Monitors, According To Really Convincing Reviews

Make the most of your workstation or gaming setup with a new, elevated display.
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As many of us continue to work from home, we’re still trying to figure out new ways to make it more comfortable and less monotonous. New planners and cool desk gadgets make us feel like we have our lives just a little bit more together, but there’s one accessory your home office setup is missing that will make a world of difference: a computer monitor.

If you devote multiple hours a day to staring at a tiny laptop screen, you likely have at least 30 tabs open at one time (like me) and spend a decent amount of time jumping between each one. A larger standalone monitor gives you the ability to view more web pages, documents and other app screens while working on a different or accompanying task.

And if you’re worried about it taking up additional space on your desk, fear not. Many of the monitors available today come in a sleek, slim design and some are even compatible with the VESA standard, a universal design that ensures compatibility with common wall-mounting hardware for monitors.

Having a monitor to go along with your laptop also comes in handy if you’re a dedicated gamer, as the graphics, visuals and game-specific features make for a better playing experience.

But regardless of what tasks you need a computer monitor for, one thing’s for sure: They help to enhance your day-to-day and help make working (or gaming) from home just a little more exciting. Below, we rounded up the best computer monitors to upgrade your desk arrangement, according to glowing Amazon reviews.

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Best Overall Monitor

Dell 27-inch monitor
If you have no idea where to start in your search for a monitor to fit your needs, cut down on time by choosing this sleek, LED-backlit one from Dell. Thanks to its adjustable tilt design, you don't even have to worry about hunching or extending your neck at inhumane angles to look at the screen. It also has a special feature that reduces the amount of blue light coming from the anti-glare screen. The full high-definition 1080 resolution monitor has built-in ports for a power connector, HDMI and VGA.

Promising review:
"I’m using this for work, for a 2nd monitor to pair with my laptop. It makes my Excel Spreadsheets easy to read even when fitting a large number of columns on the screen. Using an HDMI cable makes the image much clearer than the old style VGA. It’s very bright even at 50% brightness. Love this monitor!" — S. Ellison

Best monitor for wall mounting

Sceptre 24-inch monitor
Even though this monitor is one of the less expensive options on this list, it still packs a ton of cool features. If you're primarily using it to play video games, you'll appreciate the fast response time, high refresh rate and anti-flicker, which prevents the backlight of the monitor from flickering (thus preventing distractions during precious game time). This monitor is also useful for work and school tasks. It's also VESA-mountable, meaning you can mount it with a monitor arm to give you more room to work on your desk.

Promising review:
"When my career changed last year I had more instances of needing to work from home, and my laptop screen was just not cutting it. I bought this monitor in Aug of 2019 and it has been serving me well ever since. It's larger than the average monitor and the resolution/quality is perfectly fine for my purposes. I do not do any gaming or things like that, just your standard office work. I like it enough that I have another one in my cart so that I can upgrade to a dual monitor system. Good value, easy to use - what more can you ask for?" — A. Sheehan

Best curved gaming monitor

Sceptre 30-inch monitor
Think of a curved monitor as a luxurious treat for your eyes. It allows more of your peripheral vision to be used, letting you focus more on the screen. And if you're an avid gamer, being able to see all that's happening on-screen with minimal distractions is definitely a necessity. That's why this option is a video game lover's dream: In addition to its curved design, it also has more than double the refresh rate of a standard monitor (up to a whopping 200 Hz!), meaning your gaming experience will be more responsive and run smoother. Other neat features include blue light reduction and robust built-in speakers.

Promising review: "I have 3 Sceptre TV's and this monitor (I'm a big fan of Sceptre). This monitor is great for gaming! Excellent imaging and no ghosting. Refresh rate and respond time is great! No issues whatsoever. Best monitor for the money (hands down)." — Michael C.

Best portable monitor

Kyy 15.6-inch portable monitor
If your job requires you to travel frequently or you work from home (or numerous cafes), a portable monitor can instantly upgrade your setup and make moving around much easier. This ultra-slim lightweight monitor is designed to be taken on the go, and provides full high definition resolution and rich sound from the built-in dual speakers. It has two USB-C ports and a mini HDMI port so it works with multiple devices, including the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, laptops and smartphones.

Promising review:
"Working in an office where I'm used to dual monitors, it was a challenge when I would have to travel to work from another place away from my desk. I used to have to try to pack up my laptop and desk monitor and I would worry about something happening to it. This monitor is just the right size, came with a cover that keeps it safe. It fits nicely in my laptop bag, along with my laptop (not bulky). It connects up to my laptop or any device I may have (tablet or cell). The cords that it comes with connects everything together beautifully. I love that I can keep it landscape or stand it on end (portrait) to have a longer page to work with. I highly recommend this if you have to work on the go! Just what I needed. — TiaLuc

Best picture quality

HP 24-inch monitor
If a monitor that has visuals that appear to be better than your own eyesight sounds like your idea of a must-have accessory, then this device from HP is for you. It has a full high definition display and high-quality, panoramic viewing from any angle. The monitor's slim design also takes up minimal space on your desk (in addition to being VESA-mountable) and provides more of what you actually care about: the ultra-wide screen. Easily connect to your laptop, gaming consoles and other devices with the HDMI, display and VGA ports.

Promising review:
"I use this monitor as a second screen for my dual monitor setup. It is my dedicated schoolwork monitor with a Logitech c920 pro stream mounted on top of it. I am a law student, and this monitor offered a capital-friendly option while still offering a good value. It has an impressive picture, a built-in blue light filter that can be toggled on and off, and an easy to use menu interface. I have recommended this monitor to my girlfriend and a few other friends looking for a robust and practical monitor without breaking the bank trying to buy one." — Harrison

Best for use with Macbooks

Acer 21.5-inch monitor
Enjoy high definition visuals at wide angles with this slim-design monitor (it's only 0.24 inches wide!). Though it syncs with any computer that has a VGA or HDMI port, many reviews mention it working well with Macbook models. It comes in other sizes, including 23.8 inches and 27 inches.

Promising review:
"I needed a monitor that I could move around and was small enough to work in my tiny Brooklyn apartment shared with my partner and cat. My setup is on my dining room table but I also sometimes may need to move into the bedroom. Just plugged it in and its immediately good to go. Works great with my 2019 MacBook pro. Got an HDMI - USB-C cable. I honestly don't know too much about computers so if you don't either and just need something to work from during social distancing this is a great choice!" — mia

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