The Best, Most Useful Cookbooks Of All Time (PHOTOS)

These are the books that you'll actually cook from.

If there's one thing we really know at HuffPost Taste, it's cookbooks. Everyday publishers send us the latest cookbooks, and by the end of the month we're lost in piles upon piles of them. Some boast gorgeous food photography, others are densely informative, and the rest are perfectly forgettable. But all of them are still great, because well, they're cookbooks -- the best kind of book to print, in our opinion.

As a result of our cookbook supply, and a completely unhealthy obsession with these books in general, all of us Taste editors own an obscene amount of cookbooks. More than we care to admit. And definitely enough to fill a small library. But when it comes time to cook, only a few of our cookbooks are given the chance to earn oil-stained pages and multiple ear marks. The rest sit on our shelves looking pretty. Surprisingly, the cookbooks we use the most aren't the prettiest ones. Nor the trendiest. They're just solid books with 100-percent reliable recipes.

We know each year brings lists of the all-time best new cookbooks. But we're going to ignore those yearly trends, and share with you today the cookbooks that win another prize: the most used. Here are truly the best cookbooks you can buy, according to our readers and fellow editors -- not to fill your shelf with, but to help you fill your belly. Let us know in the comments below what is your most-used and most-loved cookbook.

Baking: From My Home To Yours
Senior Editor Kristen Aiken says, "The only baking cookbook I've ever used that never fails me. The recipes are impeccably tested."

$23.20, Amazon
The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Reader Ana Bowens (@anabowens) says, "The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is my go-to for new inspiration or to whip up a bowl of cozy -- like SK's aspar, goat cheese+lemon pasta."

$19.65, Amazon
How To Bake
Reader Courtney Mattocks Vrablik says "My most used cookbook is the collection of my grandmother and great grandmother's recipes given to me for my wedding from a thoughtful cousin... 2nd to that is Nick Malgieri's How To Bake."

$14.64, Amazon
The Flavour Thesaurus
Reader Rukmini Iyer (@missminifer) says, "Brilliant for inspiration and recipes."

$19.57, Amazon
Super Natural Cooking
Associate Editor Julie Thomson says "Sometimes you need to put something healthy in your body, and when that happens Heidi Swanson is the person to turn to for exciting AND healthy recipes."

$11.60, Amazon
Joy of Cooking
This one wins for the most votes. ReaderNell Burrows says, "[Mine's] 37 years old!" Reader Julie Thigpen says, "I've been a Chef for 23 years. It is still my favorite and most used." Reader Luke Baker says, "My Joy of Cooking is 15 years old now, stained and falling apart."

$19.77, Amazon
Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook
Senior Editor Kristen Aiken says, "If you're ever throwing a party, this has every classic appetizer recipe you could ever imagine needing."

$7.66, Amazon
Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1
Julia never lets you down.

$22.60, Amazon
Associate Editor Alison Spiegel says, "Plenty celebrates vegetables in a way that will make you forget you're not eating meat."

$19.65, Amazon
Jane Grigson's English Food
Reader Tracey-Jane (@AllThingsFoodUK) says, "Great read, great recipes!"

$20.39, Amazon
Ready For Dessert
Associate Editor Julie Thomson says, "David Lebovitz is like a thesaurus of desserts. And Ready for Desert is the answer any time you need to make something sweet. They really are his best recipes. And he's been making desserts for a long time."

$16.82, Amazon
How to Cook Everything
Of course.

$19.77, Amazon
A Year In My Kitchen
Senior Editor Kristen Aiken says, "I first ate Gyngell's food in London's Petersham Nurseries, and soon gobbled up every cookbook she's ever written. This one's pages are now water-soaked and stained, because I use it every weekend. This book is particularly special because it relies on a 'toolbox' of basic recipes that you use to build other, more complicated recipes. It's the essential guide for learning how to build flavor."

$18.12, Amazon
Better Homes and Gardens
Sometimes the classics cover-everything cookbook is the one with just the recipes you're looking for.

$16.86, Amazon
King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking
King Arthur Flour
Associate Editor Julie Thomson says, "The whole grain bread recipes in this book will make you never want to buy another loaf again. The recipes are easy to make, and so much better than what you can find at the store. Especially the English muffins."

$25.25, Amazon

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