The Only Cookie Recipe You'll Ever Need

Bake it. You'll see.

When it comes to cookies, there's no question that chocolate chip is the only way to go. Even if peanut butter cookies have a claim to your heart or if you're more into the crumbly nature of shortbread, you can't refute the fact that chocolate chip cookies are basically America's favorite cookie.

There's a lot to love about these simple cookies. They can be crisp or chewy, depending on your preference. They're loaded with chocolate, with just a pleasant hint of vanilla. They're super simple easy to make (it's the first thing most people learn to bake). And, they're a real people pleaser -- kids and adults alike love them.

Now that we're all on the same page about the greatest cookie that was ever baked, let's talk recipes. There are A LOT of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there. All of them are acceptable -- they result in a chocolate chip cookie, after all -- but only some of them are great. And among the greats, there is clearly one that stands above the rest in making mind-blowingly good chocolate chip cookies time and time again, no matter who's baking them. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need. Seriously.

Of course it's Jacques Torres, also known as Mr. Chocolate, that's behind this life-changing chocolate chip cookie recipe. His business is chocolate, which kind of makes him an expert. We're not sure what it is exactly that makes Jacque Torres' cookie so much better than the rest -- it might be the mixture of pastry and bread flour the recipe calls for -- but it is something truly special. Follow his recipe (using the link below), be sure to use the best chocolate you can find, add in your favorite extras, bake and get ready for a transcendental chocolate chip cookie.

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