Best Credit Repair Services Based On Customer Reviews

Let's be honest, it can be really hard to figure out whether a credit repair service is going to scam you or not. Many credit repair services aren't exactly forthcoming about predatory practices. Online reviews can help, but a lot of times those reviews are based on superficial information. Many of those sites never test out the products, and even if they do, they don't have a complete picture of how an everyday customer is treated by each credit repair service.

That's why having reviews and input from actual users is so important to helping consumers pick a reliable and trustworthy credit repair service. Over the years, we've seen many customers come to our site and leave helpful comments for other readers who might be trying to find the best credit repair service for them. Through those comments, we've received great feedback from other customers who say that those user comments have helped them make a more informed decision about which credit repair service to use. Here are the best credit repair companies based on that feedback:

Best Overall Credit Repair Service: SkyBlue Credit Repair

SkyBlue doesn't have the bells and whistles that other credit repair services have, however, it offers affordable and effective credit repair with great customer service. Here are the details:

Price: $59 initial fee, and $59 per month after that. (You can also cancel at any time.) Here's a more detailed breakdown of SkyBlue's price.

Services: SkyBlue can keep its costs low because it doesn't offer fancy upgrades like credit monitoring or mobile apps, which is fine because it frees SkyBlue up to do what it does best; fix your credit. SkyBlue offers all of the basics of good credit repair including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to help you fix your credit score.

Customer service: This is really where SkyBlue shines. Its customer service is personal and genuine, according to its customers. SkyBlue's employees will give you good advice on how to repair your credit and will even let you know when they have done all they can for you.

Customer reviews: These are actual comments that readers left on our review of Sky Blue Credit Repair.

  • "When I worked with Sky Blue, they gave me solid advice about what to appeal and not appeal. More importantly, when they had done all they felt they could accomplish, (there were some items they recommended against disputing), they told me and stopped charging me."

  • "I found the agents at Sky Blue to be much more helpful and in tune with my needs."
  • "The only honest credit repair service I found is Sky Blue."
  • Best Credit Repair for Extras: Lexington Law Credit Repair

    Lexington Law is the top name in credit repair, although its reputation among its clients is not always stellar. Some people swear by Lexington Law and can show proof that it works, while other have had a bad experience with the service. Here are the facts to help you make a more informed decision.

    Price: $99.95 initial fee, and $99.95 per month after that. (You can cancel at any time.)

    Services: The extra price tag for Lexington Law comes with extra features, including credit report monitoring (which can be nice to help notify you of identity theft and to see your credit repair progress), as well as a fancy interface to help you track your credit score gains. Lexington Law will also do all the basics that SkyBlue does.

    Customer service: According to our readers, Lexington Law can be a little hit or miss when it comes to customer service. Having said that, its employees are well-versed in credit repair, so they are very knowledgeable when helping.

    Customer reviews: These are actual comments that readers left on our review of Lexington Law Credit Repair.

    • "I am currently with Lexington Law and they have done wonders for removals. I started at a 527 credit score from Jan 2014 and we are almost a year in and I am at a 630."
  • "Lexington Law has done a pretty good job for me."
  • The key to finding a good credit repair service is knowing which service is going to offer you the best service at a reasonable price without trying to scam you. Having testimonials from other customers definitely helps give you a good idea of which service does what it advertises.