The Best Crossbody Belt Bag I Own Is Just $38 From Lululemon

The Everywhere belt bag, the world’s most stylish multi-way fanny pack (now with an extended strap) is taking over TikTok and my heart.
Lululemon's Everywhere belt bag extended strap in camo starlight, pink pastel and black.
Lululemon's Everywhere belt bag extended strap in camo starlight, pink pastel and black.

As a non-binary person socialized as a woman, I have a charged relationship with purses. Wearing anything too girly can give me weird gender feelings, but running around with no bag is simply impossible. What can I say? I carry a lot of stuff. Luckily, I’ve recently found a bag I like that holds everything I need in a surprisingly compact pouch.

My relationship with my Everywhere belt bag from Lululemon was love at first sight. Looking for a Christmas gift for my fitness-loving mom, I stumbled upon this unisex, multi-use water-resistant bag on the Lululemon site. It’s a single zippered pouch with a long, adjustable strap and a buckle closure. You can wear it as a stylish crossbody bag, sling it over your shoulder, rock it on your waist like an old-school fanny pack — the options are endless. It feels chic and elevated, not dorky or bulky like the fanny packs of days past. Unlike other cross-body bags, it doesn’t have fifty million compartments or a football-shaped body that feels like you’re lugging around a human baby.

All my everyday essentials fitting nicely inside my Everywhere belt bag from Lululemon.
Griffin Wynne
All my everyday essentials fitting nicely inside my Everywhere belt bag from Lululemon.

It has a super simple silhouette, with no extra zippers or do-dads, meaning you can easily get things in and out of it. It’s a fuss-free bag that keeps your hands free — ideal and convenient for carrying my inhaler with me (which I imagine could also be the case for people who carry Epipens, insulin or other necessities).

It’s a compact rectangle measuring just 7.5 by 5 inches, so you never have to hunt around a bottomless black hole searching for your Chapstick or a rogue AirPod. Volume-wise, it holds a liter, which is a weird way to think about a bag, but as I can assure you this means it holds everything you need for a day on the town: phone, keys, wallet, mask, headphones, pen, hair ties, chapstick, phone charger, emergency snack, etc. I will say, though, the dimensions of the bag are about the same size as my water bottle, a 32-ounce wide-mouth Nalgene, so it cannot zip closed with the water bottle inside it. But if you carry a smaller bottle, it may fit.

Best of all, the Everywhere bag has a discrete zippered compartment on the back of the pouch (the side that lies on your body), perfect for storing cash or holding your passport when traveling ― a must-have in my book. I recently took a solo trip to Mexico City and wore my Everywhere bag every day. You can keep your wallet/credit cards zipped in safe and use the big main pocket for face masks, hand sanitizer and small bills, so you’re never exposing your wallet to the world.

While the hipster in me was psyched to find a cool hidden gem at a popular store, I soon realized this magical bag has developed a large following on TikTok. Everywhere belt bags videos have racked up over 243 million views, with people raving about the versatility and usability of the bag.

Recently, the brand launched the Everywhere belt bag with an extended strap that measures 41.7 inches when fully extended. The extended strap fits better if you’re taller, want a looser strap, have a large chest or plan to wear the bag crossbody and not just on your arm. The extender strap currently comes in more colors than the regular one, so it’s certainly worth checking out.

For a go-to bag that’s effortless and stylish, I can’t recommend the Lululemon Everywhere bag enough. But if you’re looking for something in a different color or slightly different style, I rounded up a couple of other compact flat-front belt bags with adjustable straps. And yes, they all have the secret back zipper part.

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Everywhere belt bag
In all her glory, here's the OG Everywhere belt bag. Because it's so popular, it's currently only available in this purple camo, but it is often restocked in a ton of different colors.
Everywhere belt bag with an extended strap
For extra comfort and versatility, there's the Everywhere belt bag with a longer strap. It comes in nine different colors and patterns including a super chic olive and a gorgeous lavender.
Ododos unisex mini belt bag
A pretty good dupe for less than half the price, the Ododos unisex mini belt bag is a water-resistant nylon bag that also has a flat front, one large pocket and a secret zipper on the back. It's 9.5 by 8 inches, giving you more room than the Everywhere bag, though its strap length is not given. You can get this in five colors like this bright orange or a creamy light brown.
Coach belt bag
If you're looking for something a little more elegant, this Coach belt bag is made from black pebbled leather with gold hardware. It has one main zipper pocket on the front and a secret hidden zipper on the inside. The bag measures 7.75 by 4.25 inches, so it's a bit shorter than the Everywhere bag and the strap length is not given. This also comes in the signature Coach canvas, for some extra flair.
Fjallraven Kanken hip pack with waist belt
You've likely seen this brand's trendy square backpacks on art students and people with mullets and lots of silver chains. It's no surprise they also make a great hip pack in nine colors, like this mint green, measuring just about the size of the Everywhere bag (7.1 by 4.7 inches, to be exact). There isn't a strap length listed, but a reviewer says it's about 40 inches long when fully extended. And yes, it has an inner secret pocket.
Nike One Luxe fanny pack
Equal parts sporty and streetwear, the Nike One Luxe fanny pack has a swoosh zipper head and silver hardware. It comes in this cool olive and black, and measures 8 by 6 inches, though the strap length isn't listed. It has a secret pocket on the back and an inner zipper space within the main pouch.

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