Knowing The Best Days To Shop Can Help You Save Money (And Your Sanity)

How To Save Time And Money By Just Changing The Day You Shop

We all know that the biggest discounts happen after the end of a season (or a holiday). But there's a different sales cycle that can pass almost without us noticing. Turns out that these secrets are some of the most heavily-guarded in retail. "Stores aren’t keen on keeping people aware of this intel, because they want a steady flow of customers," says Eila Mell, co-author of the new book How To Win At Shopping.

The key seems to be knowing when to shop. Whether you're looking to avoid crowds or just save a few bucks, here's how to better schedule your purchases.

Tuesdays: Online Shopping
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"Tuesday is the best day for online shopping because it is the day of the week most sites post sales and new items," Mell says.
Wednesdays: Groceries
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Reader's Digest found that Wednesdays are the best time to tackle your grocery shopping. If you really, really want to avoid crowds, the late evening hours (after 9 p.m) might be for you. Only 4 percent of shoppers set foot in the grocery store at that hour.
Mondays Or Tuesdays: Outlets
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Weekends might be more convenient, but you will most certainly have company. U.S. News found that going on a Monday or Tuesday yielded better deals, as many outlets restock. Still: Get there early. "This is especially true during a sale," says David Zyla, co-author of How To Win At Shopping. The earlier you arrive, the better chance you’ll have of finding that great deal."
Weekends: Appliances
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Here's one thing you should buy on the weekend. According to ABC News, the weekend is the best time to get a good deal on appliances. Our theory? It's a way to convince you to spend your Saturday in a store instead of on the couch.

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