The Perfect Spot To Visit, Every Month Of The Year

Challenge accepted.

We all know the feeling -- we want to get the heck out of town but we're not exactly sure where we want to travel to next. Between researching airfares, hotels and deals galore, planning that next adventure can feel more like work than anything else.

Kayak wants to help. Using its Travel Hacker Guide, the booking site determined the best destinations to visit each month of the year based on factors including median hotel rates and airfare prices. The site took into account the times of year when airfare drops for certain destinations (hello, South Pacific during borderline typhoon season), and calendar months when median hotels rates are sliced in half (how do you do, Caribbean in the summer).

"Some cities were [also] chosen because of optimal weather," Kayak's director of brand marketing David Solomito said. "While others were selected because of upcoming special events or activities, like the Milan World Expo in October."

Below, a list of 12 international destinations that should surely satisfy your wanderlust, if only for the time being. May your next year take you to...

October: Milan, Italy
Filippo Maria Bianchi via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $162

Skip Italy during peak tourist season and visit this northern Italian city when the air is crisp and the World Expo is in town.
November: Bangkok, Thailand
MasterLu via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $71

Bangkok's best weather months are from November to February, where the city cools off slightly after months of rain and heat. Though monsoon season can sneak into early November, the month marks the beginning of peak tourist season, so prices aren't as steep as around Christmas and New Year's. Not to mention, you'll come back with the best holiday gifts for friends and family.
December: Vancouver, Canada
Bob Stefko via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $159

Want to go to a place that appreciates winter but doesn't necessarily feel like it? Kayak describes Vancouver as a "toasty cousin to its Canadian relatives." The city hosts festivities including winter markets, ice skating, and nighttime boat parades, but average temperatures hover in the low 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Cold-weather activities like dog sledding, hiking and skiing are just a short ride away.
January: Cancun, Mexico
Mark Segal via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $213

According to Kayak, Cancun's lowest airfare rates (that aren't during hurricane season) occur in January, which gives you plenty of time to soak in the sun before the spring breakers arrive.
February: Hong Kong
Median Hotel Rate: $134

As the travel site says, choose Hong Kong in February to whisk your love away, or forget your troubles with the city's incredible nightlife.
March: Montreal, Canada
Perry Mastrovito via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $176

Kayak recommends this Canadian city as the perfect option for those who want a spring break option that has the charm of Europe without the hefty price tag.
April: Fiji
Takumi Terao via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $66

This trip idea is not for sun worshippers. Kayak says April will offer the lowest prices on airfare to Fiji, but the weather can be hit or miss as the month is the tail end of typhoon season. But hey, we're pretty sure this island is stunning even in the rain.
May: Turks and Caicos
Chel Beeson via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $382

Hotel rates can more than double during peak travel season in the Caribbean -- not to mention the crowded beaches, hotels and restaurants. Head to paradise when the weather is still beautiful, the rates affordable and the island far less packed.
June: Saint Martin
Jules Bloemen via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $299

Like Turks and Caicos, skipping Saint Martin during high season means more affordable rates and fewer crowds. June is considered the best time to visit the island, as the weather is still nice, and the season still (mostly) dry.
July: Saint Lucia
Median Hotel Rate: $113

You may risk traveling during hurricane season but July in Saint Lucia is not to be missed. With prices at a fraction of the cost, tourists can stay in otherwise pricey hotels and resorts for relatively inexpensive prices. Combine that with St. Lucian Carnival, which fills the streets with music and other festivities, and you've got quite the adventure waiting to happen.
August: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Median Hotel Rate: $212

With seasons opposite those in the U.S., Rio in August will let travelers escape the intense heat at home and visit this famous beach city when the weather is mild and the 2016 Summer Olympics are in town.
September: Toronto, Canada
Lynda Murtha via Getty Images
Median Hotel Rate: $216

Do you love all things autumn? Then you love Toronto, you just don't know it yet. There are apples to pick, corn fields to maze through and lots of colorful leaves to peep. Take a gander through the city's stunning High Park, or travel outside Toronto to pick some pumpkins.

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