TripAdvisor Picks The Best Destinations Worldwide (PHOTOS)

They're at it again: TripAdvisor has released their list of Traveler's Choice Destinations for 2012. There are some 440 destinations on the list, but the top 25 predictably reflected the guesses made at the end of 2012 concerning what spots would be hot this calendar year.

While Paris topped the charts in 2011's list, London took the coveted spot for travelers' most buzzed about destination.

TripAdvisor has issued numerous lists of late, including best beaches, best bargain and luxury hotels and even the travel habits of their readers.

But how do you think this list compares to previous years? What do you think was left off the list? Add it in comments

All photos courtesy of TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor's Travelers Choice Destinations 2012