Best Detox Spas: 8 Of The World's Top Stress-Relieving Retreats (PHOTOS)

Rest & Recharge At 8 Of The World's Best Detox Retreats

When it comes to wellness travel, the options can be overwhelming: There are yoga retreats, silent meditation retreats, spa packages, digital detoxes, and more for health-minded travelers to choose from. But for the ultimate wellness trip, stressed-out city dwellers can give their mind and body a true vacation with immersive detox retreats. The best part? A week of pampering can help you kick-start a healthier, more centered lifestyle.

Take the stress and toxins out of your mind and body with a detox vacation at a wellness center like Tucson's Canyon Ranch or a seven-day detox immersion program at a tropical island paradise off the coast of Brazil.

Click through the slideshow below for eight of the world's best luxury hotels and spas offering detox packages, and wellness retreat centers devoted entirely to healthy, stress-relieving getaways.

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Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

8 Of The World's Best Detox Spas For Stress Relief