The ONE Dish You Must Eat In 28 European Countries

It's a great time to go to Europe, and not only because flights are cheap. The food is having a major moment. London's dining scene is hot, Nordic cuisine is innovative as ever, and Paris will always be, well, Paris.

With so many countries to visit and so many foods to try, it's hard to know where to begin. Thanks to this handy little infogrpahic from Hotels4You, you've got a great starting point. The infographic below lists 28 dishes from the 28 countries in the EU. Some are iconic dishes you'll probably recognize, like moussaka from Greece or pot-au-feu from France. Others, like Lithuanian dumplings or stewed rabbit from Malta, may be new to you. Either way, they represent some of the best bets for any European vacation. Happy travels!

28 countries

Main photo credit: Food52

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