The 10 DIY Bloggers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Do it for the 'gram 📷

Instagram is wonderful because it lets us curate our daily experiences. If you want to wake up to photos of street stylists and coffee snaps, it's possible. If you prefer to lust after cityscapes over lunch, it's all within your control.

We here at HuffPost Home are DIY junkies, so our feeds are constantly full of crafts we desperately want to recreate or, in some cases, consume. We've rounded up a list of the bloggers who inspire us on Instagram so you can get in on all the fun too. With ideas that give Martha Stewart a run for her money, these bloggers are sure to brighten up your feeds as well as your homes.

Ashley Rose - @sugarandcloth
Jenni Radosevich - @ispydiy

Oh dear sweet friend, every day is #nationalcoffeeday to me ☕️ #ispymydiy (search watercolor mug)

A photo posted by Jenni Radosevich (@ispydiy) on

Jordan Ferney - @ohhappyday

Clink clink! See our pink drink post today on

A photo posted by Jordan Ferney (@ohhappyday) on

Molly Madfis - @almostmakesperfect

i stamped some pencil pouches because pencil pouches are neat and why the F not? DIY on the blog today! #almostmakesperfect

A photo posted by molly madfis (@almostmakesperfect) on

Rachel Mae Smith - @thecraftedlife

Learn to make this washable market tote in a half hour on the blog today! #stylebyaisle #paintersstyle

A photo posted by Rachel Mae Smith (@thecraftedlife) on

Elsie Larson - @elsielarson

Why do Mondays gotta be so BUSY? Just stare at this rainbow with me & zen out. 🌀 #abmathome

A photo posted by Elsie Larson (@elsielarson) on

Looking to get your hands dirty right this very minute? Try this project that will help you organize your makeup:

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