The Dog Poop Bags And Dispensers That Pet Parents Use

These bags will make disposing your dog’s daily waste a bit more tolerable.
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Considered a human’s best friend, dogs are known for being loyal, dependable and affectionate. Even though they come in all types of breeds, sizes and personalities, there’s one thing that all dogs have in common: They poop. A lot.

If you have a furry friend, chances are you spend a significant amount of time cleaning up their “business” on your daily walks or during outdoor playtime. While you may resort to using a regular plastic bag or a pooper scooper, enlisting the help of a bag made specifically for dog poop can make a huge difference in your pet cleanup routine.

These bags are typically thicker, easy to open and seal and often come in scented options to keep smelly odors at bay. And if you’re eco-conscious, some dog poop bags are made of compostable, recycled, plant-based or biodegradable materials so you can feel better about using them.

But the best part about dog poop bags is that many of them come in rolls that fit conveniently in dispensers that attach to your leash you can take on the go.

Below, we rounded up the best dog poop bags you can buy online, according to enthusiastic pet parent reviews.

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Amazon Basics unscented bags and a dispenser
For a no-frills, straightforward dog waste option, opt for these Amazon Basics bags. They're unscented and come in black for a discreet, opaque look that hides your dog's business. Available quantities of 300, 600 or 900 bags, they also come with a dispenser that attaches to your pup's leash.

Promising review:
"These bags are great — not too thick or thin, easy to tear and open, the right size, and pretty decent at containing the odor when closed properly/ tied off. I love that there's a line to show where you're supposed to tear the bag. Haven't had any issues so far, having gone through 3 rolls. The little bag holder is cute too. All in all, pretty standard, but definitely better than a lot of bags I've used where they were too thin, hard to open, or were literally single sheets of plastic instead of bags (lol). I also love that they're black instead of the standard green or whatever. It's a little less obvious it's full of poop and you can't see through the bag, which is great." — Chippo
Earth Rated recycled material poop bags and dispenser
This pack contains lavender-scented bags that are made of recycled materials. It comes with 8 rolls that have 15 bags in each one for a total of 270 bags. They're leak-proof, so you won't have any unidentified liquids or substances on your hands, and easy to open and separate so you can spend less time scooping up poo and more time playing with your pup. The dispenser (sold separately) has a handy screw-on cap for easily inserting a roll of bags and boasts a small hook that will hold a tied-up bag in place.

Promising review:
"I use these bags at least twice a day when walking my collie. I like how they are strong and don't rip when I use them. Sometimes my dog has bad poop, so I need to sort of scrape the ground/road to pick everything up. These have held up very well for that, thankfully! They aren't huge, so you might need two if you have a bigger dog or one that poops large amounts. They are usually JUST big enough for my 52lb rough collie. I don't really care about the lavender smell, but I do like how it covers the stinky smell, especially on longer walks during the summer!" — Jenny M
Vetreska lavender-scented poop bags and flower-print dispenser
These biodegradable bags have a pleasant lavender scent to block out smelly odors. The bag dispenser — which gets bonus points for its cute flower motif — also helps with storing them and it easily attaches to your dog's leash.

Promising review: "My daughter got this set up for our new sheltie puppy, who at 12 weeks is an active poopin' machine! The dispenser is great. It hangs next to the leash by the backdoor so we never forget it. The bags are narrow enough to make it easy to fit over your hand to grab the poop, but it's also long enough to handle a whole lot more that what our little one produces and still tie off to hold in the odor. And they do, hold the odor. Today is trash day and my barrel is full of these pink bags...but it doesn't smell like it! Add to this the fact that these are made with compostable, biodegradable plant-based materials and these register high on the repurchase list. I highly recommend these for pet owners." — Judi Easley for a thoughtful reveal
Wild One
Wild One eco-friendly dog poop bags and carrier
Each pack of Wild One's poop bags come with 6 rolls of 10 ten bags each and are available to buy in quantities of 1 box, 2 boxes or 3 boxes. They're unscented and eco-friendly and made with a corn starch blend that offers extra thick protection against even the most potent of dog poops. The design-friendly bag dispenser comes in an array of Instagram-worthy colors and is equipped with an elastic cord that easily attaches to a variety of leashes.

Promising review: "I have tried so many bags — cheap and fancy. These are by far and away my favorite bags, They roll out of the container easily, open without fussing, clean up the business and have enough room to tie it off and toss in the bin. I love the beige color. Highly recommend" — Grace L.
Bags on Board dog poop bags and dispenser
These large, heavy-duty bags come in blue and multi-color options to add a dash of color to your daily dog walks. A total of 315 leak-proof bags comes in each pack. The dog bone-shaped bag dispenser is equipped with — ahem — a “Dookie Dock” clip that holds waste-filled bags so that you don’t have to.

Promising review:
"The durability and the size of these bags are great! I have a 100-pound Great Pyrenees mix who (as I'm sure you are not surprised) needs adequately sized and strong bags to make sure we can make it home from a walk without any mishaps. The size of this box is also great for the price, I know that it will last me a while before I ultimately come back to buy more!" — Dana
Pet N Pet pick-up bags
Save time and money on restocking your dog poop bags for a while with this value pack that comes with a whopping 1,080 bags. Each one is made of 38% bio-based materials and the rolls fit in most standard size leash dispensers.

Promising review:
"I don't always write reviews, but poop bags are something you need to know the quality of before you buy them. These are good- NEVER had one break on me or tear. You can't really see your hand through them, and they're long enough to comfortably tie (some are a little too short for my liking). They've fit into the little dispensers nicely too. Absolutely will be buying this brand again when my stash runs out!" — Bailey

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