The Best Gifts For Dolly Parton Fans

Decor, books and Dolly's best selling vinyl records that will have fans saying "I will always love you."
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A devotional candle, an iconic album and a decorative plate you can give Dolly fans this holiday season.

It’s difficult to think of all the things that make Dolly Parton so great. It could be her prolific catalogue of music and songwriting, her adorable and down-to-earth personality, her humanitarian work or those wisdom-laden “Dolly-isms” that really are on par with Confucius or the Dalai Lama.

As an irrevocable figure in country music, feminism and American culture, it’s no wonder that Dolly’s fanbase is as large as her... heart. This means it’s more than likely that you know a Parton fan in your life.

Keep reading to shop this list of Dolly-themed gifts that will put a smile on the faces of die-hard fans and casual listeners alike.

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A limited-edition coffee table book that's also Dolly's memoir
Written with the help of Nashville-based music journalist Robert K. Oermann, "Dolly Parton: My Life In Lyrics" tells of Parton's 60 years of songwriting, containing unpublished images and her personal recollections. This gilded-edged limited edition includes a protective box to house the book, along with a hot pink vinyl album with two of Dolly's unreleased demo songs. It's a must-have collector's item for die-hard fans.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $250.
A coffee cup for that 9-to-5 workday fuel
This speckled ceramic mug sports a cute Western design on both sides that references Dolly's anthemic song about women in the workplace. It has an unglazed clay bottom and is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Get it from SummitAndSage at Etsy for $20.
A retro-style sweatshirt with an important message
This unisex crew-neck sweatshirt is professionally printed with a hand-designed logo on the front. It's a bestseller on Etsy.

Get it from EnchantedBouTiki at Etsy for $37.38.
An iconic record with some of Dolly's best songs
Parton's 1974 album, titled after her heartbreaking and iconic song "Jolene," bridged the gap between country music fans and people not so inclined to the genre. "Jolene" is filled with sentimentality, relatability and the kind of story telling for which Dolly has become so loved.

Get the vinyl from Amazon for $129.99.
A keychain with a sweet reminder
This '70s-motel-style keychain is made from hand poured acrylic and features a laser-cut design. The durable key ring and lobster clasp attachment makes this keychain easy to pop on your backpack, purse or key ring so you always remember to "Do It Like Dolly."

Get it from RubyRollerArt at Etsy for $11.76.
A decorative plate that features "Dolly Antoinette"
Perfect for display in a kitchen, dining room or book shelf, this decorative plate reimagines Dolly in Marie Antoinette garb and is skillfully printed on an actual vintage plate. The plate measures 10 inches in diameter and comes with an attachment on the back for wall hanging.

Get it from PopPorcelain at Etsy for $68.
A classic album to help you have a Holly Dolly Christmas
"Once Upon A Christmas" gives your regular Christmas songs a honkey-tonk twist as Dolly and fellow country music icon Kenny Rogers sing original tunes written just for the album, along with some classics you have heard before.

Get the vinyl from Amazon for $18.68.
A "God's Coloring Book" filled with Dolly's wit and wisdom
Dolly has been known to say some pretty poignant and wholesome things throughout her career, and this coloring book is filled not just with her wise quotes, but intricate and detailed images to go along with them. Pop on a Dolly record and spend hours coloring and filling in 128 pages of illustrations.

Get it from AlwaysFits for $15.
A perfume that might be as sweet as Dolly
With fruity top notes of mandarin, crisp pear and peony blossoms and a sultry finish of sandalwood and musk, this fragrance, created by our country queen, is what Dolly describes as "a really soft, wonderful smell that's long-lasting but it's not offensive."

Get it from Amazon for $65.
An inspirational guide to being like Dolly
In the words of Ms. Parton, "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world," and this unofficial and unauthorized guide to being more like Dolly is filled with her memorable quotes, recollections and Dolly-isms to live by for a shinier existence.

Get it from Amazon for $8.95.
A collection of Dolly's best songs, all on one album
Parton's most iconic and revered songs make up two discs' worth of this curated collection and would make a great addition to any vinyl library. Tracing her bluegrass beginnings all the way through her full fledged country motifs, this record includes hits like "Coat of Many Colors," "I Will Always Love You," and "Dumb Blonde."

Get the vinyl from Urban Outfitters for $28.98.
A 500-piece puzzle that will make you smile
Once completed, this 500-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle measures 24x18 inches and features an illustrated image of Dolly with her inspirational words to live by.

Get it from AlwaysFits for $28.
A printed shower curtain so you can sing with Dolly in the shower
This hookless, extra-long and machine-washable shower curtain can serve as a focal point to your bathroom and give you something to smile about as you "jump in the shower and the blood starts pumping."

Get it from Smile 01 at Society 6 for $45.49.
An album that brought us the Parton hit "Here You Come Again"
Celebrating Dolly's biggest departure from her traditional country sound, "Here You Come Again" is peppered with slight disco influences, soulful ballads and, as always, beautiful song writing.

Get the vinyl from Amazon for $59.96.
A 2022 wall calendar so your whole year is filled with Dolly
Printed on high-quality glossy paper, this calendar is perfect for a desk or wall and features 18 months' worth of Dolly, including the 1978 Playboy cover that she recreated 57 years later.

Get it from Amazon for $12.98.
A candle to honor our patron saint of country music
Start your very own Dolly Parton alter with this devotional prayer candle to honor our patron saint of country music. Light for those times when you need a little Dolly-confidence or when you want to say a prayer for that bitch "Jolene."

Get it from ThePiranhaTank at Etsy for $15.99.
Framable wall art
These detailed and high-quality prints feature a young Dolly performing as well as an actual reproduction of a tour poster from the '70s. Both options are offered in smaller 8x9-inch sizes up to extra large 30x40-inch prints.

Get the tour dates print (left) from Albertacar at Society 6 starting at $9.
Get the banjo print from Arjamaposter at Society 6 starting at $11.99.
A pair of handmade clay earrings
Handmade using clay and resin, these lightweight earrings are actually made in a studio close to Dolly's hometown. A slight iridescent finish and glitter bow attachments add to this unique piece of jewelry that would certainly get Parton's stamp of approval.

Get them from TristiDesigns at Etsy for $38.
A variety of enamel lapel pins to show off your Dolly flair
Bedeck your dagger-collared Western shirt or fringed leather jackets with these adorable hard enamel pins with heart-shaped backings.

Get the collar pin (left) from DirtyLola on Etsy for $22.
Get the lipstick pin from EmilyKateUK at Etsy for $11.07.
Get the cowboy boot pin from KokoShopGoods for $9.49.
A zip closure bag to hold all your makeup
This 8x6-inch zip closure canvas pouch features original artwork of Dolly recreated as The Empress tarot card, ruling over her Dollywood empire. Perfect for holding accessories, makeup and all those other expensive items that make you "look cheap."

Get it from HoneyBurstArtTees at Etsy for $20.
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