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Best Dressed Bumps: The Most Stylish Celeb Moms and Tips for Getting their Looks

For your own maternity fashion, moms-to-be should forget everything you think you know when it comes to maternity style! You don't need to hide in black leggings and an oversized top for nine months.
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In honor of awards season and our very own Maternity Fashion Week, we have compiled a list of the "Best-Dressed Bumps," featuring the top 10 celebrities who make pregnancy style look perfect.

From actresses and reality stars, to rockers and princesses, these celebs are sure to inspire moms-to-be everywhere with their knack for a well-styled bump.

For your own maternity fashion, moms-to-be should forget everything you think you know when it comes to maternity style! You don't need to hide in black leggings and an oversized top for nine months. Maternity clothes have become more stylish and affordable, not to mention more versatile as styles can be worn post-pregnancy without looking frumpy. These celebrities nail it with looks that range from casual to red carpet.

Here are the Top 10 "Best Dressed Bumps"...

1. Blake Lively: Since debuting her bump in mixed prints, Blake Lively's stylish looks have not stopped since! She's stayed effortlessly chic between her red carpet styles (who can forget the backless black number) to her everyday eclectic looks.

2. Kristen Bell: While carrying baby number two, Kristen showed fashion and comfort can go hand in hand, and how flattering fitted maternity clothes can be. From florals to fitted formal looks, Kristen knows what works for her body and rocks it with panache.

3. Kate Middleton: Princess Kate continues to nail classic elegance the second time around. She knows the silhouettes that flatter her figure - whether that's putting together a prim and polished look or rocking jeans and coats that exude a casual and preppy vibe. Almost everything Kate wears sells out immediately - enough said.

4. Carrie Underwood: What negative thing is there to say about this lovely southern belle? Absolutely glowing the whole time, Carrie stunned in 10 different beautiful looks when she hosted the Country Music Association Awards. Our favorite? The sweet, pale-pink Randi Rahm that accentuated the singer's growing bump.

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt: With her sleek bohemian pieces, we love seeing Jennifer rock fabulous prints, which many women tend to stay from. She's not afraid to show off her bump with some more fitted pieces as well.

6. Tamera Mowry: This already busy mother of one has not let that slow her down in the fashion department. Tamera has been looking awesome throughout her pregnancy with bold color choices. Remember, skip the black!

7. Kourtney Kardashian: When it comes to pregnancy style, Kourtney has had plenty of practice! While many folks have a love/hate relationship with Kardashian fashion, Kourtney does a great job of wearing silhouettes that work well for her super petite figure, and has been known to blend both maternity and non-maternity clothes into her wardrobe.

8. Ali Larter: Ok, here is the exception to the "avoid all-black" rule, because no one makes it look cooler than Ali. This effortless beauty, who looked radiant throughout her pregnancy, knows the right accessories to make an all black ensemble pop.

9. Shakira: Shakira always demonstrates spicy, sexy style even with simple v-neck t-shirts. We also love her "inspired gift registry" that encourages people to donate food, vaccines and other supplies to needy children. Sexy AND giving - now that is a combo!

10. Zooey Deschanel: As soon as news of Zooey expecting her first baby with Jacob Pechenik came out, we started looking forward to how her signature indie vibe would translate throughout her pregnancy. We can't wait for the great looks she'll rock the coming nine months!

Style Tips for YOU:
While these women have mastered everything from casual to runway style, you don't need to have their budget to reproduce many of these looks at affordable prices. With the right jeans, a few tops and some easy-to-follow tips, anyone can have a well styled bump:

#1 - Invest in a great pair of maternity jeans. Purchase a pair of over-the-belly denim when you are about 13-16 weeks along. It may seem unnecessary in the early stages, but you will be grateful that you have them once you hit the 6-month mark.

*Style Tip: you can fold over the belly to create an underbelly jean if you do not fill out the belly band or if you need added support at the hip area. You can also do the same thing after pregnancy, stretching (pun intended!) the life of your jeans.

#2 - Look for side-ruched tops. "Side ruched" tops are great because they hide the early pregnancy belly when you haven't quite popped yet, as well as camouflage any problem areas after baby has arrived.

*Style Tip: Look out for tees that are 100 percent cotton. They do not hold their shape as well as tops with a spandex blend.

#3 - Buy true maternity wear instead of just going up a size. Maternity clothes are fit to a pregnant model and designed with a drape to accommodate a growing baby bump. Invest in key pieces to get you comfortably through pregnancy.

*Style Tip: If you want to utilize some of your pre-pregnancy wear, put on your pre-pregnancy blazers and cardigans open and pair them with a fitted maternity tee and maternity pants.