Here Are The Best Dressed Famous Guys Of 2015

It's all in the details.

If there's one thing to learn from the best-dressed famous guys of 2015, it's that you'll look your best if you pay attention to the details and stay true to yourself.

Look at Shamir Bailey's patterns and Keith Richards' jewelry; Father John Misty's sunglasses-beard combo and how Adele's casually preppy bodyguard could literally knock you out.

Here, because it's that time of year, we ranked the best of them and give you tips on how to do it yourself.

Tim Mosenfelder via Getty Images
We know this look might not work for everybody, and that's exactly the point: Singer Shamir Bailey's on our list of the best-dressed men for 2015 precisely because his style is solely his own -- it's as genuine, androgynous and unclassifiable as his music. And when you can find a style as true to yourself as his is to him, you're really looking good. Here, Shamir performs at the Treasure Island Music Festival in October in San Francisco.
Jon Hamm
Jennifer Lourie via Getty Images
As Bond did for Daniel Craig, Don Draper did for Jon Hamm. "Mad Men" stylist Janie Bryant's taste may have rubbed off on the actor. His gray suits, well-tailored and coordinated, are often centered by a just-right tie: not too skinny and strong enough to hold it all together. Just like this ensemble at the Film Independent screening of "Mad Men" in LA in May.
Donald Glover
VALERIE MACON via Getty Images
Sometimes pairing a turtleneck with a blue suit can have you looking like an Ivy League librarian, but when you mix a suit that shimmers with a matte brown sweater, like the actor, comedian and hip-hop artist Donald Glover did at GQ's Man Of The Year Party in December, no one will try to check out a book from you.
Jeff Goldblum
Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images
If you see Jeff Goldblum on the street, chances are he'll be in this biker jacket. It's so slim that it might be a little small -- just the right size for a leather jacket, and he makes it work with whatever hat, skinny jeans, t-shirt and glasses he wears it with. Here, the black and white look is topped with some color, a tan homburg hat that matches his skin tone.
Bill Nighy
Alo Ceballos via Getty Images
Bill Nighy's off-Broadway look, as seen in Soho in March, looked striking and warm -- a strong navy blue scarf loosely tied stood out from a darker midnight overcoat, and his glasses pulled it all together.
Daniel Craig
Franziska Krug via Getty Images
Maybe it's method acting, or (most likely) a good stylist, but Daniel Craig has blurred the lines between Bond's style and real life over the years. None more so than in the days leading up to the release of "Spectre" this fall. At the film's Berlin premier in October, Craig's dark blue suit goes all the way down to his knees, anchored by his brown shoes. Proof that a suit can still be top heavy and look slim.
Keith Richards
Fred Duval via Getty Images
Keith Richards was never one to play by the rules, and as far as fashion is concerned, it always works when you do it with his confidence and conviction. Here, at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London, he toned it back in a tuxedo jacket but still let his personality out in the details: rings, green boots, aviator sunglasses and that hair.
Adele's Bodyguard
Josiah Kamau via Getty Images
If you're a celebrity's bodyguard, you have to protect her from paparazzi and rabid fans. But if you're Adele's bodyguard, you have to look good doing it. Not only does Peter Van der Veen always look sharp, as he does escorting the pop diva to Noby in Manhattan in November, but he wears clothes that still let him get the job done. His blazer and blue jeans give enough flexibility to let him put you in a headlock if he needs to.
Idris Elba
GVK/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images
This is how you dress for a flight. A loose-fit beanie, layered but well-fitting shirts, leather pants (to make sure you're not too casual), black shades and a coat for the flight. When filming in Ghana for "Beasts of No Nation," or in London at a screening for "Luther" or the launch of his menswear collection with Superdry, Idris Elba flies around a lot. His style, as seen at LAX in November, keeps up with him.
Harry Styles
C Flanigan via Getty Images
You can not dress like Harry Styles. Once you reach such a level of boy band leadership, you can literally get away with anything. And Styles does, whether it's this floral Gucci suit at the American Music Awards, or that floral Gucci suit (at 1D's last performance before their break).
Trevor Noah
Brad Barket via Getty Images
Now that "Mad Men's" over, where's a guy to turn to see how he should look in a suit? Comedy Central, of all places, where Trevor Noah stands-in (or rather sits) behind the desk at "The Daily Show," wearing Tiger of Sweden suits, as solidly as both Jons (Stewart and Hamm) ever did.
Bradley Cooper
Gilbert Carrasquillo via Getty Images
These days, no celebrity wears a three-piece suit better than Bradley Cooper. All year long, from the classic black Ferragamo tuxedo he wore at the Oscars to this Thom Sweeney plaid suit at the New York premier of "Joy" in December, Cooper shows you how to put a vest, jacket, pants and tie together.
John C. Reilly
Pool via Getty Images
Is John C. Reilly from another time? Is he even real? Just scroll through any of his looks from Cannes this year and there's a lot to notice: his shoes, his cane. The lapels on his suit, the design on his tie. Mr. Cellophane did everything right, and was certainly seen.
Father John Misty
Barry Brecheisen via Getty Images
The ironically morose/cheerful music of Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) are no match for the singer-songwriter's public attire. He emulates his icons, who he told New York Magazine in an October profile were Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Serge Gainesbourg (who "went from suits to sort of a cowboy thing, and then a really great phase in the ’80s when he was just wearing denim pants with denim shirts, like, unbuttoned to his navel"). FJM replicates it well, using his beard as a neck scarf and amber-framed sunglasses as the finishing detail.
Michael B. Jordan
Michael Stewart via Getty Images
As far as red carpet looks go, 2015 was Michael B. Jordan's year. Wearing a vintage Vivianne Westwood suit at the MTV movie awards and this three-piece Dolce & Gabbana suit at the Met Gala in May earned him the attention of the New York Times style section, which named Jordan one of this year's most noteworthy dressers.

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