The Best Dunk Of The Year May Have Just Happened, And It Belongs To A High School Senior

WATCH: This Is The Best Dunk Of The Year

2015 is young, and yet the best dunk of the year may have already happened.

This video features Hafid Yassin, a senior on the basketball team at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle, throwing down an absurd dunk against rival Garfield High School. At the apex of his jump, Yassin's entire head is above the basket.

We can't tell if Yassin benefited from an unintended boost or not, but based on this photo from the West Seattle Herald, the amplitude isn't in question.

But alas, monster dunks can only carry a team so far: Garfield beat Sealth 96-55, reports the Seattle Times.

Warning: Video contains excessive amounts of "OHHHHHH!!!!" at high volume.

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