Best Dwight Moment Ever

Actor Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute, is about to close a chapter in what he recently tweeted as "the best job he'll ever have." NBC's hit show The Office had a great run but it made me think about Wilson's statement and implications for the rest of us. Is our best work behind us? If so, how do we move forward? I think of it like T.S. Eliot's quote: "And the end of all our exploration will be to end where we first began, and know the place for the very first time." Wilson is starting fresh starring in a new TV drama forthcoming that he's also producing.

Besides acting Rainn Wilson is an active humanitarian who takes trips to places like Haiti to do volunteer work. He's also an entrepreneur and credited with co-foundering Soul Pancake, a bestselling book that became a website and community where people (especially Gen Y and earlier) can ask life's big questions and get answers. When YouTube announced their new partner program, Soul Pancake become one of their new Premium channels producing unique high(er) quality programming like the now famous Kid President series. Is The Office the best job Wilson will ever have? The jury is still out but it seems like everything Rainn is involved in is related to making the world a better place. We went Behind the Brand to ask Rainn Wilson about how get got his start, holding grudges in Hollywood and more of life's big questions. Watch this video and let me know what you think.