The Best Ways To Cook Eggs, In Order (PHOTOS)

There is no bad egg. But there is a best one.

It's breakfast time. What do you do? Even if you've managed to narrow down the thousands of choices you have to something egg-oriented, you still have to decide how to cook them. There are a lot of factors involved: what else will you eat along with them? How much time and energy are you willing to invest? Do you need grease? So many choices, and you haven't even had coffee yet.

Let's get this out of the way: aside from an incorrectly cooked one, there is no bad egg. From scrambled eggs to fried eggs to poached eggs, we're fans of their entire catalogue. Which made ranking the top best ways to cook an egg really hard. But I soldiered on, for you guys. And for breakfast. What's your favorite way to cook an egg?

I'm sorry quiche! Don't take this too personally. You are too frequently either a claggy, soggy mess or a tough, dry disaster. When made perfectly, you are near perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Please don't blame yourself.
James Ransom/Food52
The frittata has a leg up on quiche for one very particular reason: Tortilla Española. This stuff is the real deal. Hot, cold, room temperature, anything goes.

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Hard Boiled
Hard boiled eggs are certainly not the prettiest or sexiest egg preparation there is, but they have a secret weapon: they are the gatekeepers of deviled eggs.
In A Hole/Nest/Basket
This is a beautiful, civilized, nearly foolproof way to make an egg. If it were mandatory to make it in a grilled cheese sandwich, instead of just a piece of toast, it may have had a shot at #1.
En Cocotte/Shirred/Baked
Mimi Thorisson/Manger
I love eggs this way for one very serious reason: it encourages people to use cream, parmesan, fancy ham and other insanely luxurious ingredients while they cook me an egg. It also makes for easy sopping-up-with-toast soldiers.

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The classics are pretty hard to beat and there is rarely a time that scrambling an egg isn't all the breakfast labor you need to put in.
A well-poached egg is like a love letter: tidy and pretty on the outside, gushy and messy on the inside. Poaching an egg in water is pretty healthy, which is great since they usually get covered in hollandaise immediately thereafter.
Soft Boiled
How could soft boiled eggs possibly have gotten a leg up on poached eggs? They have all the best parts of poached eggs without the unfortunate wateriness that sometimes accompanies them.
An omelette is one of the most perfect expressions of the egg's incredible versatility. It can be filled with anything. It can be big and fluffy, thin and crispy at the edges, rolled like the French or folded like the Americans. But most importantly, there is usually cheese.
Sorry all other eggs. The runny yolk, tender white and perfect sheen of grease that we so frequently need at breakfast will forever own my heart.

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