The Most Realistic Electric Fireplaces And Fireplace Inserts

This unexpectedly delightful home accessory is worth the price tag — and it's available on Amazon.
Dimplex electric fireplace insert
Dimplex electric fireplace insert

Those who know me personally know that I’m pretty minimal when it comes to all aspects of my life, from skin care to home decor. I have a pretty strong aversion to anything I feel might be chintzy or look like clutter. So when my partner told me she wanted to install a fake fireplace insert in our empty and non-functional apartment fireplace, I was worried it would look tacky. But all that changed when this cozy-looking appliance arrived.

The insert is so unobtrusive that upon first glance you don’t even realize our fireplace isn’t real. Its addition to the space felt organic, which adds to the realism. The last thing you want is to walk into a room and notice a giant, fake-looking contraption pulling focus.

Nothing can replace the real deal, but when we turn on our Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace log set, the vibes are truly immaculate. One of the things I miss most as a city-dweller is the wood-burning fireplace from the home I grew up in. Is there anything better than the crackling of a roaring fireplace on a blustery night? While this replacement is not quite the same as the real thing, it is an extremely unexpected and delightful substitution. It adds some seriously chill vibes, day or night, year-round.

It turns out that a fake fireplace insert is just the perfect way to enhance a non-working fireplace. I know so many people who have the skeleton of a fireplace in their homes but don’t know what to do with it other than pop a few candles inside, which is always charming. But the ability to recreate the warm flickering flame of a fireplace is a game-changer.

While there are quite a few fireplace inserts out there, I regret to inform you that nothing comes close to the aesthetic and quality of the Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace log set. It’s one of those instances where shelling out extra cash truly makes a difference in the caliber of an item. And if you take into consideration that it’s essentially an investment decor piece, like a credenza or artwork, then the $400 price tag starts to seem more reasonable.

Dimplex’s flame panel technology showcases large, bright (fake) flames displayed on a partially frosted acrylic panel that extends the length of the logs. You can operate it manually from the little panel on the front of the set or you can use a handy little remote control and tinker with it from the comfort of your couch. The set also has an adjustable light that enhances the fireplace effect — I love playing with the flicker effect depending on the season or time of day. However, my absolute favorite feature is that it also acts as a space heater, filling the room with a literal warm glow that feels like the real thing. Obviously, as the weather heats up, we don’t use the heater, but the option is always there and it’s essential during the cold weather months of the year.

This insert has singlehandedly changed my opinion on faux fireplaces and I am happy to eat my words. It’s a great way to make use of a space that would otherwise be non-functional. It’s also a smart alternative to using real fire when you have small children in the home, even if your fireplace is in working order. It’ll come in handier than you might think.

Not quite ready to make such a big investment in this statement piece? Below are a few other options, starting at $89.99. But I think you’ll see that the reviews for the Dimplex unit speak for themselves.

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Dimplex revillusion electric fireplace log set
Promising reviews: "I bought this Revillusion 25-inch electric fireplace log set to replace my empty wood-burning fireplace. I considered a gas log but the idea of the loss of heat up the chimney was not acceptable. After looking at some very nice sealed gas systems...that were outstanding...the prohibited cost of $5,000.00 too much. So after many hours of searching the internet and reading different options...I saw the advertisement of Dimplex products. I had a very nice fireplace screen and framed in unit with sliding doors so I decided to make use of it. I measured the distance from the bottom of the screen and then bought some bricks from Home Depot...sprayed them black and then installed the Revillusion on top of the doing this it brought the unit even with the door opening thus making the heater more efficient in blowing heated air into my family room..Finally added black volcanic rock to the bottom of the fireplace and installed the gizmo that makes the burning embers sound. With the screen closed it is so realistic!!!!!!!!!!! for less than 500.00. Great product!!!!!!!!!! Thank you" — Frank J. Aremia

"As seniors, we were not really using our traditional wood fireplace very much the last few years. I was originally looking at a gas fireplace log, but changed my mind when I found out what the price would be. This Dimplex set is very realistic looking! Cannot wait till we can have people over again after Covid to show it off.

"About two weeks after we set this up, our furnace broke down and this log set saved the day till a repair was made a week later. After hanging up some curtains in doorways to separate the front of our large home from the back, we put the heater on high and it kept the entire back of the house very comfortable, even in the low 30s. Set up was a breeze, just plug it in and you’re set. I connected it to a smart plug so that I could turn it on and off via Alexa....very convenient, even though I still need to use the remote to turn it on, which I think must be a safety device, given the heater. I did follow the advice from previous reviewers and raised the set up on some bricks. I also added some ceramic logs and positioned them on the sides so the log set was not as squared off looking. I then added a 10lb. bag of black lava rocks to the floor of my fireplace to enhance the look even more.

"I turn this on first thing in the morning heat...while I have my coffee and watch the news and pretty much keep it on most of the day till bedtime. It adds such a warm ambience to the family more staring at a black box or replacing batteries in candles like I did last year. Quality product. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you buy this!" — Marmi
Allen + Roth white oak infrared quartz electric fireplace
Don't have a pre-existing fireplace area? No problem. Get those coastal, beachy vibes with this Allen + Roth electric fireplace and storage unit. It has louvered cabinet doors and an open partitioned media shelf. The stand can support large televisions up to 65 inches and is the perfect centerpiece for a cozy lounge room.
Turbro Suburbs freestanding compact electric fireplace
If you're looking to recreate the look and feel of a wood-burning stove without the smoky mess, then this charming fireplace by Turbro is a great option. You can use the flame effect with or without the heater depending on the weather and it is easily turned on and off.
Hastings Home 20-inch black LED electric fireplace
The Hastings Home electric fireplace uses LED technology for a flame effect that can be operated with or without heat with three color options. It comes with a remote control to power the unit on and off, manage heat level, flame color, timer and flame brightness.
Dimplex Revillusion 20-inch electric fireplace log set
This is the 20-inch version of the Dimplex set — it's more affordable and has a smaller profile while still providing that high quality vibe. The flame panel is partially frosted to highlight the flames and see through the back of the masonry hearth for a lifelike experience.
Lowes Style Selections barrel oak infrared quartz electric fireplace
This barrel oak-finished unit from Lowe's doubles as storage and entertainment furniture while also providing heat that can warm a large room. It has a realistic LED flame effect and handcrafted log set and a digital control panel and remote control to adjust the temperature, flame brightness and power.

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