The Best Espadrilles You Need On Your Feet This Summer


Who would've thought that the espadrille, a jute-soled shoe that was originally worn by the King of Aragon’s infantry, would reach the heights of fashion icon status? Lucky for us, these shoes have come a long way since the 13th century.

Fast forward to the 1940s, when the utilitarian sandals got a glamorous makeover and were spotted on some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth.

These days you can't walk a block (or a boardwalk) in the summertime without seeing someone sporting a pair of espadrilles. The signature rope bottoms are being put on sneakers, heels and more.

In celebration of espadrille season, we've hand selected a few -- all under $300 -- that will certainly put some pep in your step this season.

Flat Espadrilles

Heeled Espadrilles

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