Best Ethnic Food In America: San Francisco Tops Travel And Leisure List (PHOTOS)

And The City With America's Best Ethnic Food Is...

San Francisco has its fair share of celebrity chefs, Food Network faces and Michelin stars. But that's not what makes our food-obsessed city so especially unique--at least not according to the good readers of Travel and Leisure.

Travel and Leisure released its annual list of America's Favorite Cities this week, a roundup of the most popular cities for nightlife, shopping, culture, food and drink, quality of life and other categories, based on an online reader survey. And San Francisco fared pretty well.

Our city ranked in the top two for tech-savvy towns and diversity, and took home the number one spot for gay-friendliness (shocker). We were pleasantly surprised to see we also nabbed first place for our fabulous ethnic food.

New York scored high, as did San Antonio, New Orleans and Santa Fe. But no one topped the City by the Bay when it came to global eats.

See the rest of Travel and Leisure's city rankings on the publication's website, and check out a few of our favorite spots for ethnic eats below. Since we have--without a doubt--missed a few, add your favorite in the comments section.

Assab Eritrean Restaurant

San Francisco Best Ethnic Food

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