The 20 Etsy Home Goods Shops That Interior Designers Recommend

The pros helped us shop the maker marketplace that one interior designer called her "obsession."
 An undersea-inspired abstract rug, a stoneware teapot and a frosted bubble chandelier.
Etsy/NonMainStreamRugs, ceramicpix, TheLightFactory
An undersea-inspired abstract rug, a stoneware teapot and a frosted bubble chandelier.

Personally, I wouldn’t even know where to begin in scouting for the kinds of decor and furniture pieces that seasoned interior designers use to create beautiful rooms and curated homes.

After corresponding with a few interiors experts, however, I discovered that professional-approved home decor isn’t as inaccessible as I thought — especially since they’re shopping at an online storefront that I frequent, too: Etsy.

Etsy is best known as an internet marketplace of homemade goods and crafts, but for Kim Gordon of Los Angeles-based Kim Gordon Designs, it’s an interior design “obsession” that, for her, developed when the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic forced her company to look beyond traditional trade retailers for supplies.

“Etsy offers an exciting shopping experience. You will be perusing unique, handmade and even cool vintage pieces [and] you are exposed to a worldwide network of artisans,” Gordon said.

She also loves the customization aspect of many Etsy shops, something that sets it apart from a standard retailer — so much so that she continues to utilize many customized Etsy pieces in her designs today.

Natalie Rebuck of Re: Design in New York is a fellow Etsy lover who said that she appreciates the opportunity to support small and often local businesses that are just starting out.

Her tips for scoring the best finds for your home include taking advantage of the search function.

“I usually spend a lot of time looking at the editor picks in the home decor section and collectibles section,” Rebuck said. ”[And] when searching for a certain item I add ‘unique’ or ‘distinctive’ to the end of the search function.”

You can also use filter variables like cost and location for an even greater customized search.

If you want to find out exactly what has already made it (or most likely will make it) into Gordon’s and Rebuck’s shopping carts, plus see some of their favorite Etsy shops, just keep reading.

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A favorite shop of Rebuck's, Mindofama is a United Kingdom-based business that sells rare and authentic rugs and cushions from Morocco. Expect to find gorgeous one-of-a-kind textiles and prints that are both functional as they are statement-making.
Soil and Oak
Gordon picked out these brass-plated French bistro shelves that can add a touch of industrial chic to any kitchen, bathroom or space. The small business that makes them, Soil and Oak, is based in Brooklyn, New York, and specializes in a variety of shelving, desk and table designs.
Maison Lafrena
For authentic Moroccan rugs, Rebuck suggested Maison Lafrena, a home decor shop that's actually based in Morocco and carries an impressive stock of hand-knotted and vintage rugs, crafted by tribes in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Find everything from wool runners to area rugs in a variety of colors and patterns.
ECD Light Shop
Rebuck recommended ECD Light Shop, a Naples, Florida-based business that specializes in quality contemporary lighting. Their selection of fixtures covers everything from outdoor to indoor lighting options and features both midcentury and ultra modern style influences.
Becker Furniture
Pennsylvania's Becker Furniture crafts handmade furniture using locally sourced hardwood. They carry bookshelves, coffee tables, credenzas and chests and come recommended by Gordon.
Moroccan White
Another favorite shop of Gordon's is U.K.-based Moroccan White, which carries a beautiful selection of vintage Moroccan tableware, rugs and decor like these Tamegroute shaded green candlesticks.
The Craftruely Design Collective utilizes contemporary Mexican methods and designs to handcraft and paint items like this ceramic 24-piece dinnerware set. Chosen by Gordon, the small California business also carries stone sink basins, pendant lights and more.
Pasha Home
Gordon selected this rattan and fabric pendant lamp from Pasha Home, a lighting shop with an array of sconces and fixtures that have some midcentury and 1960s influence.
Comfy Heaven Pillows
Rebuck recently purchased some of these monogrammed pillows from the shop Comfy Heaven Pillows, which also carries shams and custom pillow covers.

"The pillows are high quality and feel more expensive than the actual price. It's a nice way to add monogramming into your decor, which is usually quite expensive," Rebuck said.
Based out of Charleston, South Carolina, Gordon-recommended Nickliovich specializes in sculptures and 3-dimensional wall installations using reclaimed books.
Based out of Krakow, Poland, nueePL specializes in wall hangings and irregular Japandi-style mirror installations that caught Rebuck's eye. Many of these meticulously crafted displays use upcycled materials, and each mirror shape has been uniquely hand-cut.
Wood Kids Home
Not only can you find an impressive variety of clean and ultra-modern wooden handles at this shop, but you also support a Ukraine-based business with each purchase. Kiev's Wood Kids Home, which was suggested by Gordon, carries handles for drawers, wardrobes and even large dressers.
Rebuck suggested the whimsical selection of tufted rugs by Australian-based NonMainStreamRugs. The company offers a variety of rug series, including one inspired by moss and this one inspired by coral seascapes. Each rug is made using eco-friendly polyester and a gum-rubber bottom so it won't slip around.
Kayden Wood Studio
"OMG. Look at this," were Gordon's exact words for these unique mushroom lamps that have been crafted from beech and walnut wood by Kayden Wood Studio. They are cordless and operated on rechargeable batteries.
Iva Decor Studio
At Hong Kong's Iva Decor Studio, one of Rebuck's recommendations, crafters hand-produce custom metal table legs for pieces like credenzas, coffee tables, dining room tables and even basin sinks.
Cruel Mountain
If lampshades are what you're after, Rebuck said to look no further than the handmade and custom designs offered by Cruel Mountain, a small business based in North Carolina. They craft shades to meet nearly all your lighting needs and feature a wide range of fabrics and materials, like this scalloped shade made of grass cloth.
Do Surprise
Also making it on Rebuck's list is Do Surprise, a small hardware shop that sells handles for cabinets, doors, drawers and wardrobes. Although the specific handles shown are made of wood, you can also find options made from brass and alloy.
Ceramic Pix
Selected by Gordon, Ceramic Pix is a small business based in Pasadena, California that specializes in wheel-thrown ceramics and stoneware pottery. You can find everything from stoneware vases to teapots, ceramic wind chimes and glazed bowl sets.
The Light Factory
Rebuck said that Etsy is a great resource for lighting manufacturers, specifically The Light Factory, where she purchased this exact frosted bubble chandelier to tie together her master bathroom design. This Spokane, Washington-based business carries a wide selection of adorable bubble fixtures in a variety of sizes, formations and colors.
Copper Empire
"This company is making really amazing oversized clocks in copper. They are large and fabulous," said Rebuck, who purchased one of these functional copper clocks for her own home. "The gentleman that owns the company really gave me a personalized experience which goes back to feeling like you are supporting an artisan. He worked with me to figure out how much patina I wanted to have from the beginning."

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