10 European Gardens You Have To Visit In Your Lifetime


There is something especially quaint about European gardens. Maybe it's the immaculately trimmed greenery or the stunning flowers or perhaps the beautiful landscaping. Whatever it is, whenever we see un petit jardin, our hearts skip a beat.

But with the dozens of stunning gardens all over Europe, it's hard to pin-point the best ones. Thankfully, House Beautiful put together a short video on the 10 must-see European gardens. Here are the ones that made the list:

  1. Kew Gardens - London, England
  2. Château de Villandry - Loire Valley, France
  3. Mount Stewart - County Down, Northern Ireland
  4. Peterhof - St. Petersburg, Russia
  5. Giardino Giusti - Verona, Italy
  6. Boboli Gardens - Florence, Italy
  7. Gardens of Versailles - Versailles, France
  8. Generalife - Granada, Spain
  9. Park Keukenhof - Lisse, Netherlands
  10. Schloss Ludwigsburg - Ludwigsburg, Germany

Watch the video above to see pictures of all the stunning gardens.

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Nagoya-shi, Japan

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