At What Age Should You Start Using Eye Cream?

At What Age You Should Start Using Eye Cream?

I worked with an editor who swore the secret to looking forever young was a really good eye cream. She started applying these wrinkle and puffy eye-reducing products before she was barely a teenager, and always kept an extra jar within reach for an "afternoon lift."

While the skin surrounding my peepers has remained tight well into my 20s (minus those mornings I'd wake up after a night of cocktails and dancing), I've found myself smoothing on eye creams to slow down the aging process even further. But is it really worth it? According to Dr. Rebecca Baxt, it certainly is.

The New Jersey-based dermatologist recommends women in their teens and twenties with dry skin incorporate eye creams into their daily regimen. Otherwise, by the 30s. Dr. Baxt adds, "Eye creams keep the skin moist and that makes people look younger. When wrinkles get dry, they look deeper and worse. As a good and gentle moisturize, eye creams help by keeping the skin moist so fine lines don't show up as much."

However, not every eye cream is an overnight success, according to Dr. Joshua Zeichner. "Some creams work instantaneously by brightening the under-eye area so long as they are on the skin. Others take weeks to months to show effect because they slowly help plump up the hollowness of the eyes."

What ingredients should you look out for while shopping for eye cream? Caffeine (helps constrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness); Peptides (promotes collagen); Antioxidants (prevents collagen damage); Brighteners (improves color of dark under-eyes); and Silicone/Dimethicone (helps prime skin and creates a smooth surface to put makeup over).

Dr. Zeichner cautions us that chronic irritation from rubbing or allergies can make under-eye circles worse. So switch your fave eye cream for an antihistamine during the allergy season, or go simple and (wallet-friendly) like Dr. Baxt with classic Vaseline petroleum jelly.

In search of a new eye cream? Shop the professional picks in the slideshow below.

Meanwhile, get the lowdown on dark under-eye circles. Is it not enough sleep or simply passed down from Mom?

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