The Most Popular COVID-19 Face Masks Of 2020

One widely loved mask "looks silky and yet is super sporty and breathable," according to one big fan.

Face masks are like opinions ― everyone’s got one.

Several months into the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s also got an opinion about which mask is best. While our worlds were turned upside down, one constant for many people was trying to find the perfect face covering: one that is comfortable, effective and yes, fashionable.

As guidance continues to state that face coverings are the best way to protect ourselves and others from the virus, we took a poll of co-workers, readers and friends to find out if any mask emerged as a favorite. And we found one: Athleta’s everyday nonmedical masks.

Readers praised them for their shape, style and texture. And at $30 for a five-pack, they’re also budget-friendly.

Find out which other masks people are loving and buying below.

Athleta Everyday Nonmedical Masks 5-Pack
"These masks look silky and yet are super sporty and breathable. They have a bendable nose clip and the loops on the sides are very thin so they don't irritate, and you can easily attach mask chains, which I am a big fan of. I also love the colors and have bought two packs of five already." — Melissa Katz, reader in New York City

Get the Athleta everyday nonmedical masks for $30.
Night 100% Silk Nonmedical Face Masks
"I love these masks because the silk helps avoid excessive sweating and pimples, plus it looks super chic. They had a good deal on Black Friday, so I even invested in another color. If we’re going to be in this for another few months or so, I feel it’s worth the investment!" — Alexandra Widrick, a senior manager of client management in New York City

"Night masks feel wonderful against my skin and they aren’t gargantuan like some of the other masks I’ve bought. The MVP of the mask is the nose clippy thing that prevents your glasses from fogging up. Actually, the other MVP are the ear straps that are adjustable — ADJUSTABLE — which is just legendary." — Chanel Parks, writer in New York City

Get the Night 100% silk nonmedical face masks for $55.
Tory Burch Printed Mask 3-Pack
"The Tory Burch fabric is my favorite. I probably wear these the most if and when I am wearing real clothes and seeing people who may recognize me." — Anita Nelson, reader in New York

Get the Tory Burch printed masks for $35.
DIOP Face Masks
"I bought some early on from DIOP, and they're some of our favorites. I loved supporting a Black-owned Detroit business, as my family is from there, and these patterns and styles get tons of compliments and curiosities!" — Natalie LaFrance Slack, graphic designer in South Dakota

Get the Diop face masks for $15.
Kitsch Cotton Face Mask 3-Piece Set
"Cute, comfy and affordable. Great for a more elevated look." — Marissa Eliades, lawyer in New York City

Get the Kitsch cotton face mask 3-piece set for $12
Banana Republic Factory Adult Contour Face Mask 3-Pack
"My favorite mask by far is from Banana Republic Factory. It comes in a three-pack for only $18. The adjustable elastic ear loops, contouring shape and beautiful prints are what sold me. While they’re not medical-grade, they’re super comfortable and chic (as chic as a mask can get, I suppose 🥴)." — Veronica Rado, marketing and activations manager at IWC Schaffhausen in New York City

Get the Banana Republic Factory adult contour face masks, now $8.99.
Reebok Face Covers
"My favorite masks are Reebok's 'face covers.' They are $10 each and are super breathable, which makes them great for working out or for long walks while hauling your groceries. They also don't stretch out after putting them in the washer and dryer — they still fit firmly on my face months after I bought them. I know tons of athletic brands are making similar style masks, but I can't help but feel that Reebok's masks are the best. I also saw Antoni from "Queer Eye" wearing one in an Instagram post, so he might know their magic, too." — Melissa Radzimski, social media director and producer in New York City

Get the Reebok face covers three-pack for $30.
Royal Jelly Harlem Masks
"Royal option! Support Black-owned New York business and channel the Duchess of Sussex in seersucker. They also have a velvet option I’ve just ordered." — Anita Nelson, reader in New York

Get the Royal Jelly Harlem duchess blue seersucker mask for $15.
Joah Love Face Coverings
Readers called these masks "amazing for kids and adults alike."

Get the Joah Love non-medical face coverings for $20.

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