10 Must-Have Cookbooks For Fall 2017

10 Must-Have Cookbooks For Fall 2017

There are a lot of feelings wrapped in the end of summer, but the one we like to focus on the most is the excitement for fall. Not only does fall mean we get to pull out our comfy sweaters, but there are slow-cooked meals, baked goods and lots of time spent in the kitchen. It’s the best time of year for new cookbooks.

The fall cookbooks on this year’s lineup are even better than we had anticipated. One of our favorite chefs, Yotam Ottolenghi, is putting out a new book, and so is one of our favorite food bloggers, Half Baked Harvest.

Many of the cookbooks are not yet on the market, but will be in the coming months. They can all be pre-ordered if you just can’t wait.

Check out the 10 best fall cookbooks of 2017, and say goodbye to summer with excitement.

Yotam Ottloenghi, the cookbook-writing master who has gifted us with Plenty and Jerusalem, has finally turned his attention to dessert with his latest cookbook, Sweet. That means we get everything we loved about his previous books, but with the addition of sugar.

Find it at Amazon for $29.68
Wylie Dufresne's ode to his ground-breaking restaurant WD~50 is not for the everyday cook. Chances are you might not ever actually cook from the book at all because the recipes are involved and time-consuming (ahem, deep-fried mayonnaise cubes). But it is a beautiful print, and you'll enjoy flipping through its pages almost as much as people did dining at Dufresne's now-closed restaurant.

Find it at Amazon for $49.26
This cookbook offers a collection of America's Test Kitchen's best cookies, brownies and bars just in time for fall. It's also a great baking resource, sharing the cookie-baking knowledge ATK has amassed throughout their many years of baking.

Find it at Amazon for $22.48
If you've always dreamed of making your own chocolate at home, Making Chocolate is here to make your dreams come true. This is the step-by-step guide you've been looking for to go from bean to bar.

Find it at Amazon for $27.94
Rejoice, all you cocktail nerds! This new cookbook by the acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan offers a wide array of drink recipes as well as interesting stories behind the cocktails and spirits we so enjoy imbibing.

Find it at Amazon for $25.47
Every nation has its food that accompanies a drink, but we're not sure any of them compare to the drinking foods of Thailand. At least not when Andy Ricker, the famed chef of Pok Pok, is presenting the recipes. If you love Thai food, you'll appreciate these very approachable recipes (that include both food and drinks).

Find it at Amazon for $22.48
State Bird Provisions: A Cookbook
The Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant State Bird Provisions has put out a beautiful cookbook that deserves a spot on your shelf. Just like most cookbooks from the nation's best restaurants, they aren't going to help you with everyday cooking inspiration. But if you're planning on hosting some great dinner parties this fall, this book has your menu covered.

Available at Amazon for $24.44
Fall is the season for baking, and Meyer's Bakery is the cookbook that'll help you get back in the season with style. The book is penned by Claus Meyer, co-founder of the famous Danish restaurant Noma. It is Nordic baking at its best, folks.

Find it at Amazon for $19.36
Melissa Clark's recently released Dinner was the talk of the cookbook world. Her newest book incorporates everything people loved about Dinner, but is geared toward using our favorite easy cooking appliances.

Find it at Amazon for $15.12
If you aren't already familiar with Tieghan Gerard's food blog, Half Baked Harvest, you should remedy that straight away. Then, check out her equally stunning cookbook. It'll inspire you to make better food for yourself regularly, and you deserve that.

Find it at Amazon for $20.39
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