The 5 Best Fashion Apps And Sites To Help You Organize Your Closet

Believe It Or Not, You Can Get Cher's Closet

Have you ever found yourself digging through your closet, desperately looking for something to wear? Does it seem like your wardrobe needs an upgrade? If you're like us, then you could definitely use some organization in the fashion department.

Ever since we saw Cher Horowitz's amazing virtual closet, we've craved something similar. And it turns out, our dream of a high-tech closet is closer than we think.

Today, there are countless apps and websites that can help you sort your clothes, keep track of all your garments and ensure that you never run out of new and interesting combinations. Though apps can be really useful, they are also overwhelming, as there are so many. But don't worry, because we've done all the work and narrowed it down to the best five applications to help you organize your closet -- and trust us, there really is something for everyone.

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If you're looking to create your own digital closet, then this app is for you. Closet helps you categorize your outfits and keeps you up-to-date on what you've already worn.

PROS: Very simple and user-friendly. Great for helping you look at your own closet without feeling overwhelmed.

CONS: No social interactions (aka your friends can't share their opinions). This app is strictly for having a mobile version of your closet.


The Pose app makes things insanely easy for the indecisive shopper. When you're in the dressing room, all you need to do a snap a photo of your outfit and other users can immediately weigh in. So if you're debating whether or not to buy something, you can get a second opinion (that's not from the pushy salesclerk). The site/app also gathers photos of items you wish to buy and items you already own, so they are all in one spot.

PROS: When you sign up, you fill out a short survey that helps identify your personal style and subsequently finds people with similar taste that you can follow for inspiration. And if you follow your favorite retailers, you can get a heads up about upcoming sales and specials.

CONS: The phone application is more visually appealing than the actual website.


Stylitics is a great app for those of you who want to color coordinate your closet. The app allows you to categorize your clothes by color, brand, pattern and more. And if you're wondering whether you already wore an outfit, simply check your style calendar. On top of all those fun perks, you also get style, trend and weather alerts.

PROS: The app comes with a "Today In Fashion History" tip so you can brush up on your style knowledge.

CONS: You can't view your style profile using the app yet, so if you want to see who's following you or check out what your followers are up to, you'll need to log on to the site.


Walk In My Closet combines both shopping and organization. If you're browsing the Internet, looking for something to buy, you can instantly add the item to your virtual closet, so your wish list items are all in one place. Besides sharing your closet with other users, you can also sell items you no longer want.

PROS: The "Moodboard" is a great way to gather inspiring looks you like from other users and fashion experts.

CONS: The luggage feature, which allows you to prepare outfits for an upcoming trip, is only available on the site; it would be useful if it were on the app.


WiShi is a new start-up site that's all about bringing social media and fashion together. Users help style one another by using their virtual closets and putting together outfits, while the WiShi Cam app helps you upload the clothes from your closet quickly and easily.

PROS: The site allows for a very engaged user experience and makes it easy for anyone to become an instant stylist.

CONS: The WiShi Cam app can can be finicky to log into.

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