11 Gifts Older Dads Say They Actually Want For Father’s Day

These delectable foods, low-effort yard tools and practical presents make up these dads’ wish lists.
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Even if you’ve got several Father’s Days under your belt, it can still be tough to know just what your dad wants for a gift. Add in the occasional fact that age makes tastes even more particular, and your gifting challenge is doubled.

This year, I went straight to the source and asked older fathers exactly what’s on their lists, as well as for some of the gifts that they’ve received in years past and have absolutely loved.

We combed through various HuffPost Facebook groups and even tapped our own editors to create the following selection of gifts that can be a great inspiration for all your Father’s Day gift shopping.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change.

A popular set of collapsible walking sticks
If your dad is anything like mine, he loves being outdoors. Mine lives in the Pacific Northwest, where there's no shortage of hiking trails and nature walks to explore. However, after 55 years and one knee surgery, it's not as easy for him to traverse rough terrain as it once was. Outdoor walking sticks have definitely been on my father's radar for a while now and I recently found these incredibly well-rated trekking poles to get him. They're collapsible, claim to be super lightweight and are crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum so I know they will be durable enough to help support him. They also come with four different pairs of interchangeable pole attachments to accommodate a number of landscapes from snow to rock.
A self-propelled electric lawn mower
"An electric, self-propelled lawn mower." — Peggy McQuain Moomau, HuffPost Women Facebook

This Greenworks Pro mower is self-propelled, which means that it's a cinch to push and maneuver, even along hilly landscapes and thicker terrain. The steel deck is 21 inches, so this is a great choice for tackling larger areas of lawn fast. It's cordless, offers 45 minutes of runtime per charge and can be adjusted to seven different grass heights. It can also mulch as it mows and intuitively detects grass type in order to auto-adapt the mower's power for the optimal cut.
An essential T-shirt
"Since my kids were three or four, my spouse has had them select graphic tees (Star Wars, comics, etc.) for me because I would wear T-shirts until they fell apart but would never think to buy them for myself." — David Armstrong, HuffPost Parents Facebook

This 50% cotton graphic T-shirt from Target features vintage "Star Wars" imagery, is made using safe, water-based inks and comes available in sizes S-3XL.

And in case your dad is not the graphic tee type, Target also is home to one of HuffPost’s most favorite men's basics: an $8 T-shirt that has an overwhelming number of positive reviews. It's made from a cotton and recycled polyester blend, making the fabric feel like a soft jersey material, and promises the perfect length and fit. They're available in five solid colors, in sizes S-XL as well as "big and tall" sizing options that go up to 5XL.
An Amazon gift card
"My dad is 77 and he likes Amazon cards to order his health care supplies." — Sharon L. Price, HuffPost Women Facebook

Amazon gift cards are available to purchase in price increments of $25-$500 as well as customizable amounts, and there are several complimentary gifting boxes to choose from.
An audiophile-recommended turntable
My dad has a huge vinyl collection. Many of his records hail from his youth and several come from his frequent visits to our local record store, where, ironically enough, he was recommended this exact Audio-Technica turntable by the store owner last Father's Day. Needless to say, he absolutely loves it and I truly believe any other music-loving dad will, too.

This model was also recommended to me by a few other vinyl experts during an interview I did two years ago. They said this turntable is a great, affordable option thanks to a dual-magnet cartridge that's the result of 50 years in phono cartridge design. Using the built-in switchable preamp input and outputs, my dad can play all his favorite music through his speakers with ease and enjoy a sound that's perfectly clear.
A hot sauce collection from around the world
"Hot sauce. If they are a chili head, you can never go wrong." — Matthew K Daoust, HuffPost Parents Facebook

Self proclaimed "chili heads" will salivate at this curated set of 15 full-sized gourmet hot sauces from around the world. Dad can enjoy flavors such as a sweet Tahitian jalapeño sauce, a whiskey habanero or a Brazilian samba pepper sauce.
A lightweight electric weed whacker
According to my dad, he's become very sensitive to fumes with age and prefers his lawn tools to be completely electric so he doesn't have to smell gas. He gifted himself this Kobalt 40-volt, two-speed cordless string trimmer that makes easy work of edging the lawn and cutting weeds. He loves how lightweight it is, which makes it easy on his back.

This model doesn't come with a battery or a charger, however, you can purchase them separately and use them with all of your Kobalt-compatible tools.
Snake River Farms
American wagyu beef steaks
"I'd love steaks for Father's Day." — Shawn McDonald, HuffPost Parents Facebook

Snake River Farms specializes in premium beef humanely sourced from the Northwest. Their wide selection of cuts and meat can be shipped directly to your dad for the perfect Father's Day steak dinner.
Porter Road
A selection of pasture-raised meats
Porter Road is another online meat company that delivers premium cuts of steak right to dad's door. They partner with farms throughout Kentucky and Tennessee that are dedicated to pasture-raising and dry-aging all of their beef to ensure tenderness and intense flavor.
Trade Coffee
A coffee subscription
"My dad is in his 60s and really liked this coffee club subscription we got him for Christmas — they send new ones with fancy flavor profiles once a month! He was complaining at the grocery store that Maxwell House has gotten expensive. — Sarah Boboltz, HuffPost senior reporter

Trade Coffee has an extensive selection of ethically and locally sourced coffee that carries something for every preference. Their coffee subscription gift service, which is currently discounted, automatically delivers fresh coffee based on your desired shipping schedule and offers curated selections based on your dad's specific tastes. Subscriptions start at two bags and can include as many as 24.
A selection of nostalgic sweet treats
"Chocolate covered cherries" — Amy Harms Hoad, HuffPost Women Facebook

I am sending my dad [who is 79] a giant bag of black licorice jelly beans because he loves them but they aren't available in stores near his house outside of Easter season and he refuses to pay Amazon prices for Jelly Belly (they're only $13) so he has just been living in sad jelly bean deprivation." — Janie Campbell, HuffPost senior editor

There are 32 cherry cordial confections in this box, and they come either covered in milk or dark chocolate with a syrupy cherry center. Or, try a 1-pound bag of Jelly Belly's classic black licorice jelly beans.
"Plants Vs. Zombies" Nintendo Switch game
"I want the 'Plants Vs. Zombies' game I saw at Target." — Marc Strawderman, HuffPost Parents Facebook

Fans of "Plants Vs. Zombies" will already know the addictive premise, which has players vanquishing opponents, blasting gnome bombs and protecting vital patches of gardens from zombies. This complete edition game, which allows for multiple play modes, is compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

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