Reviewers Say This One Emergency Fire Item Put Their 'Mind At Ease'

And it's surprisingly affordable.
Two fireproof document bags
Two fireproof document bags

Planning for emergencies may feel intimidating, but making sure you’re prepared can benefit you in the long run — especially when thinking about potential crises like fires, which are becoming more common in North America due to extreme weather caused by climate change.

Fires have the potential to destroy items that be difficult to replace, like passports, original deeds and insurance documents, not to mention valuables like precious photographs and heirlooms. Fires can also be understandably disorienting, so it can be helpful — and provide some peace of mind — to have a lightweight fireproof document bag already packed and prepared so your valuables are all in one place ready for you easily to grab and go. And if you don’t have time to retrieve your fireproof bag before evacuating, they can withstand fires for a limited amount of time.

We’ve selected four reviewer-recommended fireproof bags to choose from, including options with or without locking mechanisms, and even one designed by professional firefighters. In addition to purchasing for one themselves, many reviewers also purchased one for their children or grandchildren to help ensure the whole family will have their documents and important items protected.

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A fireproof lock bag
This medium-sized document bag is designed to withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees thanks to its double-layered, silicone-coated fiberglass. (The silicone coating also promises to make this item waterproof.)

It's designed with seven built-in file folders, four mesh bags for storing passports or money, 16 card slots, four pockets for discs, and a larger main pocket for binders and larger document stacks.

The bag has a built-in lock that you can set with a customized combination, and has a wide handle so you can easily travel with it.

It's 14.17 by 10.63 by 3.93 inches, and is available in two colors.

Promising review: "I am loving my new safe storage for important documents, I have a place to keep passports, wedding license, car titles, mortgages and wedding photos and if disaster happens I can have my mind at ease in this case, love that it has a Fireproof zipper, code lock design and strong handle add storage security and carrying safety. More wider strap handle design on the back allows you to insert a suitcase handle. I like I have a choice I can you put it in my home, office, car, safe box, or any cabinet, and take it anywhere i go." — Jenn A
A firefighter-designed fireproof document bag
This document bag was designed by professional firefighters, who purportedly put the bag through a house fire simulation where it was exposed to direct flames, radiant heat and water to ensure its durability through fire and water.

The outside of the bag is covered with high-visibility reflective tape to help ensure that you'll be able to easily find it with a flashlight in a nighttime emergency. It comes with a top handle or a crossbody shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. (Note: It does not have a lock.)

Its large internal pocket is made with the same material as the fireproof, water-resistant outer layer, giving your documents and important items double the protection. The bag comes with a Velcro-detachable wallet that's also outfitted with the same reflective tape design to help with visibility; you can either keep it attached to the front for easy access, or store it inside the inner pocket for extra security.This fireproof document bag is 17 by 12 by 5 inches.

Promising reviews: "I purchased this document bag to hold all those life documents you can’t lose. I like it because it is just one big bag. No little compartments or organizing features. So it holds a large binder as well as many envelopes. I hope I never have to find out if it is really waterproof and fireproof! But for now, I feel like all my important documents are together in one place.The bag is very sturdy — I can pick it up by the handle and the Velcro closure does not loosen. Highly recommend." — Sue Z. Stein

"This was a gift for a grandson just setting out in life and needing a safe place to keep all the important documents in one spot. Well made, and well organized!" — Anne Wingo
A fireproof document bag with lock and reflective strip
This fireproof and water-resistant option features a reflective strip for nighttime visibility and a customizable combination lock for added security. It's spacious, with a number of organization features including eight mesh pockets, five file pockets and 10 cards slots, plus a main compartment and areas for discs and money.

In addition to a top handle and shoulder strap, the bag has a strap on its back that you can attach to the handle of rolling luggage for convenient travel.

This is also available in a version without a reflective strip.

Promising review: "I like the product. I've put all my important papers in this bag, and I will use it if and when I may have to evacuate during hurricanes. Having one place and one bag to get; when it may be short notice time to evacuate. I've even put a small first aid kit. It seems to be made well. Glad I made this purchase." — Melissa Krueger
A two-pack of large and small fireproof document pouches
This set comes with a large document pouch designed for storing legal documents, laptops and photo albums, and a smaller pouch for safeguarding birth certificates, jewelry, money and more. They promise to resist fire and heat up to 2,000 degrees, as well as water.

Both bags feature a zipper enclosure that's covered by an additional Velcro flap closure to help ensure everything stays tightly inside the pouches. (Note: They do not have locks.)

The larger pouch is 15 inches long and 11 inches wide, and the smaller one is 9 inches long and 7 inches wide. The smaller pouch can also fit inside of the larger one for extra protection. The set available in two colors.

Promising review: "I love that i can keep my cash and documents safe. Purchased for my son who has cash on hand, and got one for myself. My emergency fund needs to be safe and sound. Unlike a safe this can be hidden anywhere. Love it!" — Mary

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