But first, some zen...

But first, some zen...
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6 simple ways to squeeze some nirvana into any hectic day...


Sent. Snapped. Deleted. Forwarded. Uploaded. Downloaded. Everything about a modern day life is well, lightning speed. And as with anything moving a hundred miles an hour slowing things down can be a harder than we would like to assume So, how does the modern day 'new age' Zen seeker squeeze in some nirvana in-between a business-meeting-lunch-shopping-chores-child's day? The Spiritual Personal Assistant aka PA for your soul, Emma Mildon the best selling author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook, shares her top zen tips to help gift you a more peaceful day.

You see the number one terrorist of Zen is stress. In fact it can be near impossible for you to find a blissful state when you are chewing your lip, sweating beads, teeth grinding, and pen tapping your way through a meditation or starring at an upside down clock mid downward dog. While there is no quick fix, concentrate tonic, instant mindfulness band aid that can rid stress from our body. You can plug one or all of the these simple ways to add Zen to your daily routine to help dilute stress...

And I mean it when I say, stop. Sit it, zip it, unplug it. To just be, you need to not be scrolling through your emails on your phone or flicking through a magazine. Actually just sit with yourself for a moment. In your own company. Check in with how you are feeling, thinking, worries, to-do's, energy levels and become present in yourself, connected to yourself.

Alright wise guy, yes I realize you have mastered the art of breathing - obviously. What I need you to do is breathe deeper, longer, calmer breathes. Actively slow down your breathes and allow your body to acknowledge that you are giving it space to slow down.

Tune Out
Get a bird's eye view on life and zoom out from everything that you are allowing to affect you at this point and time. Allow yourself to detach from it so you can access what is actually worth your worries and energy. By keeping stresses at arm's length you can be less affected by their outcomes and their for less affected by stress.


Balance really is an act, a balancing act. You need good, bad - highs, lows in order to feel happy or stress. So don't beat yourself up for feeling out matched by stresses, remember everything needs to be in balance and that nothing is permanent. Your state of joy will pass, so too will stress. Try to keep a balance between work, social, family, friendship and you time - each of them feed into your overall zen in different ways helping you feel an overall sense of fulfillment.

Say No
Oh yeah, you heard right. No. No! Noooo! Boy that feels good.
Remember that it is completely fine to say no without any need for justification. Be sure not to over commit yourself and ideally you should be saying yes to you first - so ask yourself, are you looking after your needs first and foremost when you are feeling stressed? If not, then that could be a contributing cause. Boom, move over Dr. Phil...

Do What You Love
What makes you happy. Good try - chocolate was an easy answer. No seriously, what makes you feel good? Nature, exercise, children, laughter? Whatever speaks to your soul and lifts your energy and generally puts you in a good mood you should do more of. Rocket science ha? After all one of the quickest ways to dissolve stress is with a good vibe! Think of it as stresses kryptonite! ..And plan B can be that block of chocy...

So, instead of trying to squeeze more into your day, try take a little time out, stop a little more, breathe a little deeper, look at the big picture, put yourself first and make doing what you love a priority. I just heard you take a sigh of relief. Feels better already doesn't it!

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