11 Instagram Accounts For Every Fitness Junkie In Your Life

Whether you want workout tips or you're just looking for a little motivation, there's no doubt that Instagram is great spot for fitness lovers. It's full of yogis, trainers, and people who just want to document their fitness journeys. But with the many hashtags and 'grammers out there, we know it can be hard to find the best of the best.

Although we couldn't write about every fitness-related account we love, we were about to narrow it down a bit.

Here are our picks:

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Jessamyn Stanely is all about body acceptance. A 27-year-old yoga teacher based in Durham, North Carolina, Stanely has over 90,000 Instagram followers. Most of her posts feature an upside down Stanley accompanied by inspirational captions about self-love.

"Our society throws crazy shade at anyone whose body differs from the models featured in Western media. I always tell people (especially women) to stop sending negative energy into their bodies and thoughts," she told The Huffington Post. "That negative energy is responsible for all body unhappiness. The only person in control of your life experience is you. Find the space and love to believe in yourself if only for your own overall well-being."

Adam Rosante is the author of The 30 Second Body, which emphasizes high intensity workouts, clean eating and developing positive habits. His Instagram account, which has 60,000 followers, is full of happy selfies, motivational quotes and photos of people working out (Rosante included).

This account doesn't focus on a particular trainer, yogi or fitness guru, but isurfiyoga is still worth following. For anyone who loves surfing, yoga or just looking at beautiful photography, prepare to be inspired to hit the yoga mat, grab a surfboard or at least plan a trip to the beach.

A quick scroll through Tara Stiles' Instagram account will probably make you want to book a trip around the world to get your downward dog on. Stiles is founder of the New York-based Strala Yoga, which has expanded all over the globe. Her account has nearly 94,000 followers, and for good reason: whether she's striking a pose in her New York studio, cooking a meal or helping people into handstands in Geneva or Malaysia, Stiles always looks like she's having a blast.

Simone de la Rue is a dancer-turned-trainer who used her dance background to create Body By Simone: An exercise method that helps clients achieve a toned look with an emphasis on self-love, eating good food and injury prevention. Her Instagram account has it all: photos from inside de la Rue's studio, inspirational health quotes and photos of de la Rue jumping super high.

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Kathryn Budig is an internationally-known yoga teacher whose motto is "aim true." She's known for focusing on self-acceptance and honesty and for her humor -- all which shine through on her Instagram account. It's full of yoga poses, delicious-looking food, tons of puppies and a very happy Budig. In nearly every photo, she's either laughing or looks like she's about to start. How could you not love it?

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Blake Alexiss is a "self-taught yogi" and calisthenics trainer who spends a lot of time upside down (sometimes wearing a mermaid tail), eating healthy food and chasing sunsets. She's only 21, but she's got 28,000 followers -- probably because her very fit life looks like so much fun.

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With 3.1 million followers, Australian trainer Kayla Itsines' Instagram account is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape. Istines is famous for her 12 week "bikini body guide" that, although it has its critics, is certainly popular -- Itsines just finished a month-long world tour. Her account is full of "before and after" pictures, photos of her very toned abs and the occasional shot of her adorable dogs.

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If you happen to use the Nike Training Club app, you're probably familiar with trainer Marie Purvis. If not, you're about to get to know her a lot better. She's got intense full-body workouts and an an awesome Instagram account to show for it. Whether she's spending a day at the beach, high-fiving her workout buddies or jumping really high, Purvis' account is pretty inspirational.

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Jen Sinkler is strong. And for good reason: Sinkler is a former rugby player who is now a Crossfit lover, fitness editor and creator of her own workout guides. If you love Crossfit, prepare to be very inspired by Sinkler -- this woman can life some serious weight.

Calling all runners! Dorothy Beal has run 30 marathons -- yes, 30! -- and is a Women's Running cover model and mom. Needless to say, Beal is a huge inspiration. Plus, she sells a lot of the awesome t-shirts you'll see on her Instagram.

Who's ready for a good workout?

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