Best Flagship Universities For The Money: Fiske 2014 List

It's no secret the cost of college has skyrocketed. Which has made Americans increasingly skeptical about whether it's worth spending the money to go -- on average, accumulating $26,600 in debt for a degree.

The Department of Education recently identified the public colleges with the highest tuition, with some state universities are now charging in-state tuition of as much as $16,000. So if college is going to cost so much, and take two decades or more to pay off, where should students enroll to get the most bang for their buck?

The Fiske Guide to Colleges last week released its annual list of public colleges that it's determined are a best buy for the 2013-14 year, based on considerations of affordability and academics. Check out the slideshow below for the flagship universities that made the cut, in no particular order:

Best Value Flagship Universities: Fiske 2014 Best Buy Schools