Where To Get The 'Floop' Earrings You've Been Seeing Everywhere

Pick up a pair of flat hoops from a jewelry retailer like Catbird, Etsy, Anthropologie and more.
Anthropologie's wide hammered earrings andMejuri's block large hoops and daily hoops.
Anthropologie, Mejuri
Anthropologie's wide hammered earrings andMejuri's block large hoops and daily hoops.

As someone who has been wearing earrings since before she could walk, I’m always looking for ways to expand my repertoire. I love a stud or vintage dangle as much as the next person, but there’s something extra special about a hoop. That said, my tastes have grown a bit more minimal when it comes to jewelry, and I am gravitating more toward compelling textures and shapes as opposed to imposing sizes. And these days, I’m all about the “floop.”

Floop earrings are everywhere lately, and there’s a good chance you’ve spotted them out in the wild. As you probably guessed, they’re essentially flat hoop earrings. The shape adds a bit of heft and dimension to a standard hoop earring and gives the wearer a decidedly modern vibe.

I love the versatility of floops. They come in all sizes, so you can go the tiny huggie route (which is my personal fave) or you can go big with shoulder-skimming floops that put a trendy spin on traditional big hoop earrings. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite flat hoop earrings of all shapes and sizes, so you can pick up the one that best matches your own personal style and jump on board this chic earrings trend.

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Mejuri daily hoops
It doesn't get more gorgeous than these glittering gold floops from Mejuri. They're as essential to a wardrobe as a good pair of jeans and are fresh enough to wear to work or for a night out on the town. They are handcrafted with 18-karat gold vermeil laid on sterling silver and polished for a glistening, high-impact shine.
Catbird chubby huggy hoop
Available in yellow gold or rose gold in addition to the sterling silver shown here, these chunky huggies from Catbird are the perfect understated staple floop earring. You can get them individually to enjoy in a stack or a pair.
Kinn Claudine twist hoop earrings
Just like a little croissant, these twisted floops earrings are absolutely delicious. They take everything you love about a floop and add a bit of texture that gives them a gentle '80s vibe while they remain decidedly of the moment. Made of solid 14-karat gold, they're unique enough for special occasions but wearable and small enough to sport with an everyday look.
Etsy square hoop earrings
These affordable gold-filled square floops from Etsy shop AveofAmerica are light, dainty and sweet. Reviewers note that they're comfortable and perfect for everyday use along with being water-resistant and nickel- and lead-free. Get ready to add them to your weekly rotation.
Mejuri bold pearl huggies
The addition of a pearl turns these huggie floop earrings from Mejuri into a statement piece. Made with gold vermeil and cultured pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels, these solid earrings will become instant heirlooms.
Gorjana rose hoops
Keep things simple with these beautiful Gorjana floops. They're made of 18-karat gold-plated brass so you get all that shine you want from a gold earring at a fraction of the price. They're the perfect low-key mid-sized earring.
Anthropologie wide hammered hoop earrings
Get noticed with these flashy floops. They have a wide, hammered shape that is evocative of the '80s without feeling costume-y. They're definitely one of the more showstopping selections in the list, and perfect for a special occasion.
Satomi Kawakita braided hoops
If you want an ethereal, dream-like vibe then check out these Satomi Kawakita braided floops at Catbird. They're an investment to be sure, but these delicate and unique 18-karat yellow gold earrings are truly special and are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of romance to their look.
Etsy wide gold hoop earrings
Despite being wider than your average hoop, reviewers note that these floops from Etsy seller Museendless are lightweight and versatile. Tarnish-resistant and waterproof, they are made of gold-plated stainless steel that is lead- and nickel-free. Best of all, you can select the diameter of your choice so they can be as dainty or robust as you please.
Mejuri block large hoops
Start your earscape with this angular, rectangular floop from Mejuri. It's inspired by modernist architecture and handcrafted with 18-karat gold vermeil that is polished for a wow-factor gleam. It's also available in sterling silver if you want to enjoy a different metal.

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