The Best Food Bloggers: HuffPost's Top 10 Picks

Showcasing some of the best recipes on the web.

It's hard to imagine a world without food bloggers. But less than a decade ago, the food blogosphere was not as plentiful as it is today (to say the very least). Before the wealth of food blogging came to be, we mostly had to turn to cookbooks and family recipes for cooking inspiration. While that was all well and good, looking back on it now it seems rather limiting.

Food bloggers have brought creativity, personality and confidence to the home cooks scene. Since most food bloggers have day jobs like the rest of us, they inspire those who like to cook to take the time and make the effort to try new things in their own kitchen. We're grateful for food bloggers. And to show our love, here are our 10 favorite for the month of October.

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Our Favorite Food Bloggers

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