The 11 Best Food Books Of 2011

We've managed to consume more than just food this year -- we consumed some food books too! We were pretty pleased with the crop -- these books have allowed us to evaluate our eating choices, vicariously eat some incredibly tasty meals and learn a few things about the world in which we live. While we also rounded up a separate (and fabulous) round-up on the year's best cookbooks, this list focuses on 2011's best non-fiction food books. Even if you don't consider yourself much of a cook, and if you've never found yourself particularly fascinated by the world of food, many of these titles are nonetheless worth a read. Although food may be the primary subject of these books, you end up learning about business, culture, health and more as well. Enjoy the page turning!

Check out our 11 favorite food books of 2011:

2011: Best Food Books

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