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15 Green, Gluttonous And Gorgeous Food Instagrams You Should Follow This Spring

Warmer weather puts a spring in your step and a lot of ice cream on your Instagram feed. Burgers, crisp produce and downright dirty donut photos take over, influencing what you plan to gorge on next. The seasonal pics pose the age-old question: If you don't post it to Instagram, did you really ever eat it? Follow the hunger-inducing accounts below to make sure no meal goes unfiltered.

Food is art on this photographer's Insta. Follow for vibrant colors and beautifully organized produce that'll send you straight to the kitchen. @wrightkitchen

You're probably going to want to eat everything you see on this account. Particularly this minty chip banana ice cream. @voguefarmer

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Get your fix of eggs and avocado and some other perfectly plated eats. @wiz_kale_ifa

Stuff your eyes on this New Yorker's admirable mix of absolute gluttony and greenery. @indudlgenteats

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You probably don't know who Jon is, but you're going to want to know what's on his plate. @jonsplates

Lobster roll + city scape = immediate follow. @mjromano

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Something true: There's no such thing as too many burger photos. @paulusnguyen

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Find a desirable mix of healthy, hearty and over the top. @julesfood

The handle pretty much says it, no? @donutscookiesandicecream

You won't notice that there's no bacon on this feed. @kosherkaufman

Everything is so dang beautiful here. @dennistheprescott

Self-identified "man with a pan" is going to break your heart with his deep-fried masterpieces. @tymbussanich

Follow with caution; you may attempt to lick your phone. @arjieljosephfg

Perhaps it's the city that never sleeps because there's eating to be done! @nycdining

A ton of gorgeous recipes featuring a cute dog cameo every now and then. @loveandlemons

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