Here Are The BEST Food Things That Happened In 2015

They all hit the spot.

From McDonald's all-day breakfast menu to the FDA saying it's cool to sell genetically modified salmon, a lot happened in the world of food this year.

But our favorite? The taco emoji, thank you. There's just no better way to text that it's been a gluttonous and delicious year.

The Turducken Donut Killed Our New Years Resolutions
Chris Rochelle/
Our new years resolutions were over before they ever had a chance, thanks to the temptress invented over at the Chow test kitchen -- a chocolate, sprinkled donut stuffed with a fried apple fritter.
The Taco Emoji Is With Us
The Huffington Post
The dark wizards who make emojis answered the prayers of the people (Also given, possibly as a response: the middle finger emoji).
Starbucks Educated The Good People Of The United States About The "Flat White"
Zhang Peng via Getty Images
Australia's signature coffee drink, this "espresso beverage [is] made with two ristretto shots, combined with a thin layer of velvety steamed whole milk and finished with a latte art dot." And the people said, "yum."
Dude Raised The Bar In Extreme Marshmallow Roasting
By roasting it on an open, erupting volcano, beer in hand. Our hands slow-clap for you, Simon Turner.
Ben & Jerry's Made A Beer
And it was as amazing as you ever would have thought.
Fran Lebowitz Said What Everybody Thinks About Juice Cleanses
Jenny Anderson via Getty Images
"I don't believe in magic."
Kids Ate Escargot
"I'm brave."
And Then They Ate Frog Legs
"This is the most best chicken I've ever tasted in my life."
Obama Took An Important Stance
Oreos Outdid Themselves, Again
McDonald's Finally Went All-Day Breakfast Time
It was the best of times.
David Chang Blessed Us With Yet Another Miracle
Chicken fried in ramen noodles -- thank you good sir.
Chinese People Ate Panda Express For The First Time
They didn't *hate* it.
We Found Love In The Bacon Aisle
The Huffington Post
Oscar Mayer played matchmaker through a new app: "Sizzl works like Tinder, with a meaty twist" -- users are matched based on their love for bacon.
Keurig Guy Expresses Regret For Inventing Awful Plastic Things
Joe Raedle via Getty Images
In a moment of honest regret, John Sylvan, inventor of the overpriced Kuerig coffee pod system that some say will destroy the planet, admitted that the machines are "kind of expensive to use ... it’s not like drip coffee is tough to make,” and that he feels "bad sometimes that I ever did it."
Scientists Grow The Best Grape In The Land
Cotton candy-flavored grapes that we'd actually pay the $8.99 they cost per pound to get.
Genius Astronaut Invented #SpaceCheeseburger
It's not easy to eat cheesy in space, but NASA astronaut Terry Virts found an inspiring workaround: food paste and a tortilla (he says it's better than it sounds).
Pancakebot Makes Dreams Come True
If you can dream it, the Pancakebot can make it into part of your complete breakfast.
Kevin Bacon Finally Realized His Destiny
And became the spokesperson for eggs. "With a name like Bacon, I'm the obvious choice."
Burrito Body Pillow Was The Best Cuddle Buddy
Nicole Grant
And no bedroom was ever spicier since.
Ikea Assembled Veggie Meatballs
And their name is a mouthful (GRÖNSAKSBULLAR).
Encouraging Survey Revealed Grilled Cheeses = More Hot, Melty Sex
Don Farrall via Getty Images
A survey showed that those who love eating grilled cheese sandwiches tend to have more sex than those grilled cheese-haters.
Pizza Slices Everywhere Felt A Little Safer Inside A Necklace
Last but not least, the Pizza Pouch -- making sure nobody ever feels alone ever again.

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