18 Best Friend Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Adorkable

DIY with your besties this Halloween.

Like most things in life, Halloween is more fun with a friend ― or five. What’s Cher without Dionne? Or one creepy “Shining” twin without the other? Or Ginger Spice without Baby, Scary, Sporty and Posh?

For all the women out there who prefer to play dress up with their BFFs on Halloween, here are 18 fun costume ideas that require a buddy or two. (They also don’t require an insane amount of time, money or effort.)

A Pizza Delivery
@iamcerisecarleo Instagram
Pizza is a girl's best friend, right? So why not be pizza, and be delivered by your best friend?
Lobster Bisque
Courtesy of Nina Bahadur
All you need is a group of friends, red tunics and lobster claw hats. Voila! You've become a delectable lobster bisque who can tell passersby to beware of your claws.
Dancing Girls Emoji

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Ready, set, pointe!
The "Spice" Girls
Costume Works
Nothing says "Girl Power" like The Spice Girls. So why not add a pun to your '90s nostalgia? This costume requires a bit of artistry on poster board -- plus red buckets, string and black leggings.

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Best Friend Necklaces
This costume is aww-worthy and simple to DIY. We especially love the excuse to wear a tutu just because.
School of Fish
@turtleyenoughfortheturtleclub Instagram
You'll need to be a little bit crafty for this one, but the end result is worth it! Fishy friends 4 life.
Mario and Luigi

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Who says mustaches are just for dudes? This classic video game duo will forever make a great -- and simple -- BFF costume.
The Four Seasons
Costume Works
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Find a group of four and get creative.

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Guess Who?

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This one's for all the '90s kids out there who spent way too much time trying to guess whether their friend had selected the man with the mustache or the woman with the brown hair.
Lady Emojis
Courtesy of Casey Vagianos
This one is super easy and very 2015. Gather your best girlfriends, solid-color bottoms, pink tops -- and your arms. You're good to go.
Dunkin' Donuts

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Get it? Get it? Extra points if you buy actual donuts to eat throughout the night.
Taco Bell Sauce Packets
Costume Works
A lady rainbow of hot sauce. If you have a bigger group of friends who want to go in on a costume, this one could be perfect.

(via Costume Works)
Holy Guacamole and Holy Cow
Courtesy of Emma Gray
A platonic couple's costume that's super easy to DIY. Cut out a photo of an avocado or some cow spots, tape them to your green or white dress, and add angel wings and a halo. Plus, it's punny!
The Black-Eyed Peas

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Clever. Very clever. Black clothing? Check. Duct tape? Check. Face paint? Check.

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"Ew" Girls From "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

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If you're not familiar with Fallon's "Ew" watch this. You'll mostly just have to say "ew!" a lot the whole night.
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Costume Works
All paper and scissors need is some cardboard and light craftiness. Rock can either wear a poofy gray tutu, or just dress in solid gray! All three of you can walk around challenging people to play rock, paper, scissors throughout the evening.
Daria and Jane
@just_boxofrain Instagram
Before "Resting B*tch Face" was a thing, there was "Daria." <3
Buzz Lightyear and Woody
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Woody and Buzz always had each other's backs -- even though they had serious beef at the beginning of the "Toy Story" franchise. Friendship FTW!

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