How Your Best Friend Makes Life Better, Even When You <em>Really</em> Don't Want Them To (GIFS)

LOOK: This Is How Your Best Friend Makes Life Better

Today is International Friendship Day. And it's got us feeling really sentimental about our closest pals.

Remember that moment when you realized you'd found a best friend for life?

How awesome was it when you realized you guys were a perfect match?

Well, almost perfect.

How great is it to have someone share good news with?

Except maybe today you're feeling kind of down in the dumps.

Work's been stressful. Life's not going your way.

And okay, you're also just in the mood to feel sorry for yourself.


Not if your best friend has anything to say about it.

First, they'll do something to make you laugh.

And by something we mean anything.


Then they'll try to build you up.

They'll force everyone you know to love up on you.

And if all that's not working, they go in for the bear hug.

Even when you don't want one.

Like, really, you are not in the mood for one.

Because, you know what? They know what's best for you.

They just get it.

And if all else fails...

Misery loves company.

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