13 Reasons Your Best Friend Makes The Best Shopping Partner

Your best friend is there for you when you need advice, a shoulder to cry on, someone to see a movie with... and some retail therapy. Here are 13 reasons your best friend also makes the BEST shopping partner.

She knows exactly what you like.

She makes you feel good about yourself when an outfit makes you feel fat and gross.

She's brutally honest...

... but also knows when to hold back.

She stops you from making dumb purchases.

She's patient when you're being ridiculous.

She'll mock ugly clothes with you.

She's totally cool with you getting naked in front of her.

She'll indulge your exceedingly long time spent in the dressing room.

She makes trying on clothes a thousand times more fun.

You can count on her to pay in a pinch.

She's always down for a coffee break.

Three words: Dressing room selfies.

We bet these women would have been shopping partners:

Famous Female Friendships

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