These Longtime Best Friends Divorced Their Husbands Then Married One Another

Sometimes a friendship is more than what it initially seems. That was especially true for this couple who, after 15 years, realized their relationship was evolving into something more serious.

Diana Finfrock Farrar and her wife Charlotte Moellering were best friends before they both got divorced from their husbands. While they agreed that their prior marriages fell apart for their own reasons, the couple told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd there was still plenty of risk involved in admitting their feelings for one another.

"There was a risk of this was my best friend and I didn’t want to lose that companionship. At the time, it would feel like losing everything," Moellering said. "You know, whether we realized we were partners for life, we knew that we were friends for life. The risk [of losing] that was great, and it was a scary journey to think about not having each other in our lives."

Farrar said their ex-husbands reacted well to the news of their relationship.

"They were honestly very supportive," Farrar said. "Very supportive and very happy for our happiness. I think they both even said, 'You know, we can really see you are happy, and we’re grateful for that.'"

Farrar and Moellering were married in Ontario, Canada, in 2010.

Watch the full conversation about marrying your best friend after divorce here.

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