Gossip Girl, Boy Meets World, Saved By The Bell And 7 Other TV Shows In The BFF Hall Of Fame

If we are the company we keep, then it’s smart to be concerned about who your child is hanging around with. And, there are all kinds of friendship factors to worry about — like how much time the two spend together when they should be doing homework, how much another child influences your own in less-than great ways, and that disconcerting feeling they're not only acting similarly, but starting to look alike as well (matching outfits, anyone?) There is something to feel good about though. A new study says a best friend can make your child less stressed.

The study of 103 fifth and sixth graders found that if a best friend was present there were less changes in stress hormone levels, and in a child's sense of self-worth, during an upsetting experience. If the best friend wasn't around? Stress hormones increased, and the child's sense of self-worth decreased.

What's interesting about this is that experts say the correlation doesn't hold true for just any friend: it has to be a best friend.
Even better is that the calming effects they have on one another might lead to better decisions.

In honor of this very good news, we're paying tribute to some of television's best pairs of best friends. BFFs come in all varieties, but these twosomes all have something in common: despite their fights and their differences, they're certain that no matter what, there's one person out there who just plain gets them.